Blue Robot Baby Name Sign

Item: Robot Name Sign
Seller: TheHappyRedDog

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Meet Etsy seller Zoe Mischewski. Zoe sells her handmade items at a shop called TheHappyRedDog and I learned about this shop via my Etsy Item of the Day shop submission page.

I live in Brisbane Australia, by day I’m a software tester and by night I make things…when the baby sleeps that is,” Zoe told me. “I’ve been crafting for years making things for friends and have just decided to have a go showing the rest of the world my wares. I’m excited about my design, I hope they’re a bit fun and make people happy.

robot name sign 300x186 Blue Robot Baby Name Sign

When she’s not working on items for her cute Etsy shop, Zoe says she likes gardening, fruit trees and vegetables, bike riding and walking her boxer dog, of course spending time with her husband and son

We particularly love to pop down to the Gold Coast and enjoy the beach,” she said.

I asked Zoe where she likes to shop on and here’s what she said:

I haven’t been on Etsy for long, I’m so engrossed in trying to get my own shop up and running I haven’t spent much time on any one shop in particular. I do keep coming across Hunting Faeries both on Etsy and facebook, I always take notice, I think their items are very cool. Such great attention to detail, they’re almost too good for kids!” she said.

If you are new to Etsy like Zoe, here is some advice she has for you:

Hang in there! I’m not having the most luck so far, from what I can tell its a slow process getting found, especially being in Australia,” she shared. “Believe in your products, tweak and tweak and tweak some more and of course, if you have time, join some teams, they’re a mine of information.

So what’s next for Zoe and her shop?

Some more sales hopefully but I’ll settle for a few more views for now! I plan to add some more categories to my shop and fill those that are already there, and course photos, ever evolving, still trying to get them right,” she said.

– Jackie

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