Gray and Teal Cocktail Party Invitations

Item: Modern Cocktail Party Invites
Seller: MadeByBree

Modern Gray and Teal Cocktail Party Invitation 300x300 Gray and Teal Cocktail Party Invitations


Loving these fun cocktail party invites from Etsy seller MadeByBree! What a great excuse to have some friends over for a fun night – just to use these invites.

I first met this Etsy seller via my Etsy Item of the Day shop submission page.

Meet Bree Craft, the seller behind MadeByBree on Bree is a Texas native, wife, mother, artist, designer and lover of all things vintage and green.

When’s she’s not working on new items for her shop, Bree says you can find her gardening.

I can’t get enough of it! I just LOVE plants! It’s funny, because I never had an interest in gardening – even though I watched my mother and grandmother do it for years as a child. It wasn’t until I was pregnant with my first baby (7 years ago), that I started collecting and caring for plants,” she said.  ”Now I have so many that I started an Etsy shop for them.

I like to ask Etsy sellers where they like to shop on Oftentimes, this is where I learn about killer shops on the site. I mean, who better to ask for awesome shop recommendations than sellers themselves!?

Bree told me about Little Hip Squeaks. “The prints and colors of their baby blankets are so awesome! I can’t get enough of them! I already have a few things in mind to buy for my SIL; once we find out if they should be pink or blue,” she said.

I also ask Etsy sellers to share some advice about things they have learned along the way while selling on Bree said she’s learned patience and marketing.

Sometime it takes a while to get some sales, but it really is all about talking to people. Getting your name out there! Social networking is mostly what I have done…. because it’s free!” she said. “I still should be a better blogger. I always forget about my poor blog!

So what’s next for MadeByBree on

Just MORE! More of everything. I have tons of stuff that I have been wanting to add, but never have enough time! Coming soon: Timeline Covers (for FB), matching registry cards for all Baby and Wedding invitations, more wedding sets and much more!” she said.

– Jackie

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