Hydrangea Original Painting Art Card

Item: Hydrangea Card
Seller: SharonFosterArt

SharonFosterArt 226x300 Hydrangea Original Painting Art Card

It’s no secret that I absolutely adore hydrangeas. They are so pretty and I love all the pretty colors to pick from!

I’ve featured hydrangea-themed items on Etsy Item of the Day before (remember this pretty photograph or these note cards?)

Today, I was really excited to see that an Etsy seller that submitted to Etsy Item of the Day’s shop submission page listed a pretty hydrangea original painting card.  It’s selling for $6.50 and I love the lovely blues and purples!

I’m a painter from Mississippi,” Sharon Foster (the seller) told me. “Love pets, flowers and food. Live to paint and adore buying and using art supplies.

Love to read, buy flowers, go to the Farmers Market, play with my pets, take naps, swim, meet my friends, laugh,” she said.

Sharon told me she likes to shop at RicksWoodArt on Etsy.

Rick and his wife, Susan, are friends of mine,” she said. “Rick has created several unique wood items for me and they are true works of art. He uses wood like I use paint. He can see the beauty in any wood.

Here’s Sharon’s advice to sellers:

Believe in your self and work hard. Continue to improve your work, your store, your listings, your photos, etc. Never stop learning all you can about art, your art, social media, marketing and anything else that sparks your interest. Do your best to provide your customers with your finest work and to treat your customers as you would like to be treated.

So what’s next for Sharon and her shop SharonFosterArt?

Because I believe in being a life-long learner, I am taking an online class with Vinita Pappas. She’s a great painter and superb teacher. She has a store on Etsy shop too!” Sharon said.

Be sure to peep the rest of Sharon’s pretty art.  Click the shop link (SharonFosterArt) at the top of this feature.

– Jackie


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