Urban Chandelier Light Fixture

Item: Recycled Urban Chandelier
Seller: StilNovoDesign

Orbits urban chandelier recycled wine barrel metal hoops galvanized steel bands ceiling light fixture 225x300 Urban Chandelier Light Fixture


Meet Camilla, the Etsy seller behind a shop called StilNovoDesign. I learned about Camilla and her shop via my Etsy Item of the Day shop submission page.

Stil Novo Design creates unique sustainable custom furniture, lighting, home & wedding decor and green gift ideas using recycled French oak wine barrels,” Camilla told me. “We are a family business located in California where we design and manufacture all of our creations.

So how did Camilla’s Etsy journey begin?

We opened our Etsy shop in October 2008,” she said.”It happened after a casual conversation with a friend who just discovered -and loved- Etsy and thought our products would be a perfect fit with the ’100% handmade’ philosophy of the site. At that point we had just began working with this material almost as a hobby and weren’t sure what direction it was going to take. We thought it would be fun to open an online shop and see if our designs would attract any attention. We had only 3 or 4 items in our ‘repertoire’ at that point; we now have about 60. We so much enjoy turning the waste into new beauty.

When she’s not working on her Etsy shop, Camilla stays busy.

As a family, we really enjoy doing things together whenever we get a chance and whatever we do – shopping, hiking, playing, cooking, gardening, watching movies…- usually turns into a lot of fun. We are blessed to have 13 years old twin girls, who make our daily life quite exciting,” she said.

I asked Camilla where she likes to browse and shop on and here is her handmade favorite:

I occasionally feature my favorite Etsy sellers on my Facebook page and one of my latest discovery has been the wonderful handwork by Tanya of FrejaToys,” she said. “I’m in love with her choice of colors, great quality and super-sweet designs, very simple and ‘old worldly’.

Camilla shared her advice for other sellers using to sell their handmade goods:

Being part of Etsy does not guarantee success, the risk of being buried by an avalanche of competitive sellers is a reality. Creating an identity on line is essential; Etsy is a venue, not a credential. Sellers should make their work stand out by keeping it creative and innovative and always focus on quality and outstanding customer service,” she says.

So what’s next for Camilla and her home creations? “Ideally, we would like to be able to expand and also have more time to focus on designing,” she tells me. “We have many ideas stuck on the ‘back burner’, it will be great to see them all come to life!

– Jackie

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