Vintage Coffee Percolator

Item: Coffee Percolator
Seller: noJOisaverage

Cory Glass 8 cup Coffee Percolator Mad Men 300x300 Vintage Coffee Percolator

I saw noJOisaverage, a darling vintage kitchen shop on, on the front page of the site last month.  This shop has some really awesome vintage finds!  A must see if you like vintage – especially in the kitchen.

Here you will find the kitschy retro kitchen decor you’ve been looking for. Enamelware! Go ahead and Kitsch your Kitchen!!” the seller writes in the Etsy shop description. “Vintage enamel pots and pans, teapots, fondue set ups and accessories. And a few other funky items I find along the way. Everything will be given a good scrub so they are ready to use when you get them.

This cool vintage coffee percolator is selling for $23.00.  If you aren’t sure what a coffee percolator is (like me) here’s more about it!

It is in gorgeous shape, the green stripes around it are a little scratched off in a couple places but other than that it’s in perfect used condition. The chrome is still shiny and undented,” the seller writes.

– Jackie

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