14 best Amazon storage buys for messy homes – for your kitchen, bedroom and bathroom

14 best Amazon storage buys for messy homes – for your kitchen, bedroom and bathroom

If you find that your home always looks messy no matter how much you tidy (and that this is down to a lack of space) then see our favourite Amazon storage buys below. These top picks are perfect if you are longing for a tidy looking home – and if you enjoy it when things have their specific place. We’ve done some shopping ourselves at Amazon, and everything we found that’s worth adding to your wish list, is below. We’re talking space-savvy solutions that can transform a packed corner of a room from drab to fab, and hide items that are otherwise a bit of an eyesore.

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Keep scrolling for 14 top Amazon storage buys for messy homes – by each room in your house. From handy kitchen storage to help keep items off your worktops to wall-mountable bathroom storage to keep important stuff in one place, and even bedroom buys for separating your socks from your pants and your dark washing from your light washing. It’s all here…

For the kitchen

Superior Glass Oil Bottle Drizzler – £11.59 at Amazon

Image credit: FineDine Store

If you are lacking cupboard space so you need to have your oils on display, then why not decant them to make your kitchen look tidy? These glass oil bottles come with pouring spouts which have a flip top. Not just easy to use but pretty to store – and they come with a funnel for decanting, as well as chalkboard labels for differentiating.

Buy now: Superior Glass Oil Bottle Drizzler, £11.59, Amazon

Deprik Kitchen Roll Holder – £14.99

Deprik Kitchen Roll Holder

Image credit: Deprik

If you go through kitchen roll like it’s going out of fashion and you find yourself frantically searching for the roll under your sink five times a day, then you need this holder. Stick it underneath a cabinet (or inside) and pop your kitchen roll on there. This will keep your kitchen roll off your sides yet easy to grab, while it surprisingly doesn’t even look that bad either. You could also pop one of these near your bin to hold your roll of bin bags.

Buy now: Deprik Kitchen Roll Holder, £14.99, Amazon

Umite Chef Kitchen Cooking Utensils Set – £28.99

Umite Chef Kitchen Cooking Utensils Set

Image credit: Umite

If you have your utensils on display, and they are mismatched, this could be contributing to your messy-looking kitchen. Buy this set which comes with everything from a soup ladle to a pasta server and a spatula, as well as a whisk and even some tongs – 24 items in total come included. Pop the matching items in the utensil pot that comes included or use your own, and watch to see how much of a difference this makes. The fact they all look the same and that they are the same colour will make your kitchen look ten times tidier, and they are BPA-free which is a bonus.

Buy now: Umite Chef Kitchen Cooking Utensils Set, £28.99, Amazon

HapiRm Shower Shelf Bathroom Storage Basket – £20.99

HapiRm Shower Shelf Bathroom Storage Basket

Image credit: HapiRm

For use in the bathroom or kitchen, this stackable storage basket can free up some well-needed workspace. You could even use it inside a cupboard to store more items and to help keep things organised. You can stick this shelf on anything from a painted wall to tiles, wallpaper and even glass or metal. Hang tea towels over it like in the photo above, and use it to free your worktop from clutter and keep your oils and condiments away from the area you chop and cook.

Buy now: HapiRm Shower Shelf Bathroom Storage Basket, £20.99, Amazon

MUQU® Plate Rack – £14.99

MUQU® Plate Rack

Image credit: MUQU

If you have way too many plates combined with a lack of cupboard space, then a plate rack can help you out. It’s as simple as it sounds – place plates underneath the rack and atop, instead of risking stacking 12 plates on one another. An easy way to tidy up your messy plate and bowl cupboard…

Buy now: MUQU® Plate Rack, £14.99, Amazon

Kingrack Dish Rack, £39.95

Kingrack Dish Rack,

Image credit: Kingrack

The queen of all dish racks, this one can store anything from wet plates to wet cutlery, glasses and large knives – all in a specific place, too. A dish rack that looks tidy? We’re sold.

Buy now: Kingrack Dish Rack, £39.95, Amazon

mDesign Kitchen Bakeware Organiser – £13.19

mDesign Kitchen Bakeware Organiser

Image credit: mDesign

Whether you bake or not, you are bound to have a few odd trays laying around that are incredibly difficult to store – that muffin tray you sometimes use for Yorkshire puddings, the oven tray that’s been used a few too many times – use this rack to finally organise them. Wave goodbye to messy drawers (or a messy oven) and hello to this smart storage solution.

Buy now: mDesign Kitchen Bakeware Organiser, £13.19, Amazon

HapiLeap Retractable Drawer Organizer

HapiLeap Retractable Drawer Organizer

Image credit: HapiLeap

Great for keeping your fridge from looking messy, these organisers have holes to promote cold air circulation while they can also maximise space. This way you can keep your cheese from your eggs and your strawberries from your grapes.

Buy now: HapiLeap Retractable Drawer Organizer, £13.80, Amazon

For the bathroom

Rolling Metal Trolley Cart

Rolling Metal Trolley Cart

Image credit: Sorfity

If you are lacking bathroom space, whether hidden or on display, then this trolley cart ought to provide you with somewhere to keep your toiletries, toilet rolls and even towels. It has three tiers to separate your items and keep things looking tidy, while it’s on wheels so you can move it around the room with ease. Alternatively, you could use it in a kitchen for storing condiments, fruit and veg and more…

Buy now: Rolling Metal Trolley Cart, £29.99, Amazon

Suksadum Toothbrush Holders –17.95

Suksadum Toothbrush Holders

Image credit: Suksadum

To keep your toothpaste with your toothbrushes, next to your cleanser and just above your cotton pads. This all-in-one unit can be mounted to your wall and it can hold basically everything you would need on show in your bathroom, all in one place. It can be stuck to your wall or even a shower screen, and it has an atuomatic toothpaste squeezer built-in.

Buy now: Suksadum Toothbrush Holders, £17.95, Amazon

VASAGLE Bathroom Floor Storage Cabinet – £47.99

VASAGLE Bathroom Floor Storage Cabinet

Image credits: VASAGLE

For hiding your bathroom bits you don’t want on show such as cleaning products, this storage cabinet is great. It has three large drawers and it’s made from solid wood. Not just for use in the bathroom, too – pop it in your hallway, bedroom or even home office…

Buy now: VASAGLE Bathroom Floor Storage Cabinet, £47.99, Amazon

For the bedroom

zixijiaju Wardrobe Storage Box (set of 4) – £34.99

zixijiaju Wardrobe Storage Box

Image credit: zixijiaju

Great for separating your clothes should you not have any chest of drawers space, or, for storing clothes that needn’t be hung, these storage boxes stack atop one another perfectly. They fold away for when you don’t need them, too.

Buy now: zixijiaju Wardrobe Storage Box, £34.99, Amazon

SA Products Large Durable Portable 3 Compartment Collapsible Washing Laundry Bag – £11.95

SA Products Large Durable Portable 3 Compartment Collapsible Washing Laundry Bag

Image credit: SA products

We’re aware this isn’t the most stylish looking laundry basket out there, but it sure will make your life 10 times easier when it comes to doing – and sorting – your washing. As long as everything is put in the correct space, you can separate your darks from your lights and your colours in your basket. Just hide it away in a wardrobe and bring it out, using the sturdy handles, when it’s wash day.

 Buy now: SA Products Large Durable Portable 3 Compartment Collapsible Washing Laundry Bag, £11.95, Amazon

ASTOTSELL Under Shelf Storage Basket – £12.99

ASTOTSELL Under Shelf Storage Basket

Image credit: ASTOTSELL

If you have shelves in your bedroom, whether on display or in your wardrobe, then you need these storage baskets in your life. They hook onto your shelves to store extra items – from socks to tights or even an entire outfit. Space-savvy and sturdy since they are made from metal.

 Buy now: ASTOTSELL Under Shelf Storage Basket, £12.99, Amazon

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We hope to have inspired you to buy some space-savvy storage solutions for your home, to help make your rooms look that bit tidier.

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