Mirrorball tops colourful wayfinding post for London Festival of Architecture

Charles Holland Architects has designed a pyramidal wayfinding post called The Tooley Street Triangle as a “symbol of celebration” for the London Festival of Architecture.

The Tooley Street Triangle was designed as part of a competition organised by the London Festival of Architecture (LFA) and Team London Bridge in 2018 to help people find their way around the city’s London Bridge area.

Charles Holland Architects designs The Tooley Street Triangle wayfinding installation for the London Festival of Architecture

The competition won by Charles Holland Architects aimed to transform “a busy but dull traffic island” positioned opposite the main entrance to London Bridge station.

The signpost has a pyramidal structure coloured with pastel shades of pink, yellow and mint, and is topped with a reflective mirrorball.

Charles Holland Architects designs The Tooley Street Triangle wayfinding installation for the London Festival of Architecture

The Tooley Street Triangle also features a life-size map of the London Bridge area, painted onto the pavement in the form of brightly coloured lines that point in the direction of the location the follower intends to reach.

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The new houseplant trend making a big impact in our homes this autumn

Forget mini succulents, Hydroponics is the new houseplant trend set to be big news for Autumn. Here is our pick of the best Hydroponics to bring the new trend into your home.

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Hydroponics has been used for a while in underground urban farming. It involves growing plants in water instead of soil.

This makes it great space saver if you are looking to grow your own herbs and veg at home, but don’t have a garden. More and more people are also embracing the Hydroponic trend with their houseplants.

New trend alert: Hydroponics

‘More people than ever are embracing indoor gardening and with so much interest in houseplants, there has been an increase in people growing and then sharing plants with friends and family who have been inspired to have a go,’ explains Claire … Read more

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Best Plant Plans for Indoor Apartment

Your home can be outstanding when you incorporate a few things into your house. It is just an effective way of adding taste to nature around. As you drive through the area about, you’ll spot some of the plants useful for a home. But you don’t have to choose any other plant. Your apartment needs to be unique with the area around fresher than ever before. While the choice of items like bar carts, bookshelves is essential for your residence, it is vital to realize that plants, too, have a role to play in your apartment. Surprisingly, most people are not experts in the choice of plants for an apartment. This article explores some of the best indoor plants you can get for your residence.  You can always add the following indoor plants to your apartment and start reaping the benefits as soon as possible. 


Snake Plant

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The property investment puzzle solved

In the current air of uncertainty, we know that some localities should be avoided, while most others will still deliver rental income and price growth over time.

The best results, however, will only be secured by investors who know which suburbs will deliver the strongest cash flow or highest imminent growth.

The issue for investors is that the housing market is like a huge jigsaw puzzle, with more than ten million properties spread over 15,000 suburbs.

Although it may seem impossible, with so many properties and suburbs to choose from, success can be achieved by sorting all the suburbs in Australia into groups with similar risks, opportunities and potential.

I have done this for you by creating four groups of suburbs called Cash Cows, Shooting Stars, Sleepers and Long Shots.

To estimate the likely performance of any suburb, all you need to know is which group it belongs to.


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The Dulux Colour Forecast 2021 Is All About Soothing Shades

The Dulux Colour Forecast 2021 Is All About Soothing Shades


Amelia Barnes

Dulux Colour Forecast 2021– Nourish palette. Wall: Warm Neutral. Skirting, fireplace and architrave: White Exchange Half. Ceiling and cornices: Vivid White™. Cabinet: Skip to. Photo – Armelle Habib. Stylist – Julia Green

Dulux Colour Forecast 2021– Nourish palette. (Left image clockwise from top right): Dulux Balsa Stone; Beige Woven Faux Leather, Zuster; Lithos Design Opus Anemone In Muschio, Artedomus; Celosias Unglazed Light Terracotta 10337, Academy Tile; Dulux Buff It; Brave 400mm And 240mm In White, Linear Standard; Axiom In Snow, Warwick; Magma In Dijion, Warwick; Clay Rock, James Lemon; Dulux Very Cashmere; Lithos Design Tratto In Travertino Latino, Artedomus; Coloured Terrazzo Tiles Yellow Ev-2045, Signorino; Inax Izumo In A Custom Green Glaze, Artedomus; Dulux Skip To; Dulux Duralloy Light Grey Gloss; Dulux Very Cashmere; Connection, Atley And Co; Woodwall Cashmere, Elton Group; Zepher In Snow, Warwick.

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