Outdoor furniture, desks and sofas by King feature on Dezeen Showroom

Australian furniture brand King has presented five collections of furniture for the home and garden on Dezeen Showroom, including dining tables, outdoor chairs and modular sofas.

Across the different collections, King showcases a catalogue of outdoor seating furniture, including chairs and sofas, as well as a range of desks and dining tables.

Issho dining table by King
Top image: Issho dining table is named after the Japanese word for “together”. Above: the Issho table features plinths that can be configured into various arrangements

Named after the Japanese word for “together”, Issho is a dining table with sculptural plinth bases that can be arranged into different configurations to suit the occasion.

The table features a tabletop made from natural timber in either a circular or rectangular shape, while the plinths are made from structural foam moulded around a steel spine and finished in timber veneer. This makes them lightweight enough to move around … Read more

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Cottage garden ideas – create a charming country-style garden in any setting

Cottage gardens are one of the most sought-after styles when it comes to garden designs, thanks to the ease of perfecting the style. From thoughtful planting to charming garden structures, cottage garden ideas welcome an element of escapism whereby we feel like we’re in the heart of the country – even if in reality we’re in the heart of town.

The planting style is relaxed, creating a rich tapestry of colour from flowers and plants, including annuals and cut flowers. Best of all, there are no rules – simply grow what you love to create a garden that’s uniquely yours. Pollinating insects and birds also love cottage gardens too, making this style of garden a haven for wildlife.

Visit our garden channel for all your garden decor ideas and inspiration

What is cottage garden style?

The secret of cottage-style planting is that it is not too contrived, so rough planning … Read more

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This New York-Style Warehouse Apartment Is The Dream Melbourne Rental!

This New York-Style Warehouse Apartment Is The Dream Melbourne Rental!


by Lucy Feagins, Editor

Three-seater curved sofa crafted in Italy in the 1950s and newly upholstered in aged brown Italian leather by Nicholas & Alistair. Mid-century adjustable arc floor lamp from Modern Times. Photo – Eve Wilson for The Design Files. Styling – Annie Portelli.

Circa 1960s blackwood chair with rattan (‘possibly by Jakob Rudowski!’). Photo – Eve Wilson for The Design Files. Styling – Annie Portelli.

The small line drawing of two figures is by James Watkins. Blue sky painting by Andy Murray of Aster Studio. Fritz Hansen Tray Table. Photo – Eve Wilson for The Design Files. Styling – Annie Portelli.

The large, yellow artwork is by Melbourne artist Doug Bennett. ‘The rug was sourced by Erika’s good friend Olivia via her friends in Istanbul. ‘The singing bowl is from

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At the Top of the Stairs You’ll Find the Elevator

“All things are difficult before they are easy.” Thomas Fuller

The path towards success is like climbing a never ending flight of stairs.

Each step, another obstacle to overcome. 

Each step, another mistake to learn from.

Each step, another closed door opened.

Success is not for the meek.

It requires a warrior mindset.

When you have a warrior mindset, each one of the steps you must climb is an enemy you must defeat.

It takes years to get to the top of the stairs. Only the most persistent are able to make the climb.

But once you get to the top, you’ll find an elevator waiting for you.

Things are always harder at first.

The beginning is always a struggle.

But, in time, things do get easier. success

You learn, you improve, you gain experience.

Eventually you figure out what to do and what not to do.

You see evidence of … Read more

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Satan Shoes by Lil Nas X and MSCHF are Nikes containing human blood

American musician Lil Nas X and Brooklyn brand MSCHF have created a limited run of 666 pairs of black Nike trainers, which they claim have been customised with human blood.

The Satan Shoes were created to mark the singer’s music video for his new single Montenero (Call Me By Your Name), which features visuals of Lil Nas X sliding down a stripper pole into hell and giving the devil a lapdance.

MSCHF Satan Shoes are custom Nikes
Custom Nike Air Max 97’s feature pentagrams and inverted crucifixes

MSCHF said that the sole of every pair of Satan Shoes contains a drop of human blood, donated by six members of the design team.

The blood was mixed with bright red ink before being injected into the signature air cushions of the Nike Air Max 97 shoes.

Lil NAs X posing with one of the Satan Shoes
The Satan Shoes are a tie-in with Lil Nas X’s new song

The custom Nikes also include diabolic design … Read more

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