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TIG factors out that the least costly option to improve agricultural yields is to extend the quantity of potassium in the soil relative to the opposite minerals that crops use.

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The complexity of commercial actual estate requires the support of specialized legal professionals who can represent your interests whereas respecting the laws imposed by commercial real estate legislation on the identical time. A Diploma in Actual Estate Management is usually 25 years long the place you can be prepped with all of the important data about property management and real estate company practices. We are a number one membership-based mostly organisation which for over half a century has served as the definitive voice of leadership and management across the nation. This follows the inclusion of property managers into Act 242 now often called the Valuers Appraisers Estate Agents and Property Managers Act 1981 which was handed … Read more

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Recycled plastic REX chair can be sold back to manufacturer after use

Dutch furniture brand Circuform has launched a recycled plastic chair designed by Ineke Hans, with the promise that customers can return the product after extended use and receive a partial refund.

Hans unveiled REX during Dutch Design Week. The chair is designed to have as little environmental impact as possible, through innovations at both the start and end of the product lifecycle.

Recycling an old design for REX chair by Ineke Hans for Circuform
REX is a rework of a chair originally launched in 2010

It is made using recycled plastic from fishing nets, toothbrushes, office chair components and other industrial waste.

The retail price includes a €20 deposit, which Circuform will refund to the customer if they return the chair after use. Old chairs can then be either repaired and reused, or recycled to create new chairs.

To make the concept easy to understand, Hans has staged a series of photographs detailing each stage in the process.

Finding recycled materials for REX chair by Ineke Hans for Circuform
The chair is made
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An interiors lover shares her stunning white kitchen makeover

A mum has transformed her formerly cramped kitchen into a light and bright haven. Before she and her husband extended their home, the kitchen lacked natural light and offered little space for entertaining.

Now, the white kitchen extension is a calming yet functional space perfect for everyday family life. And it’s sparking lots of white kitchen ideas for our own dream reno.

I mean, look at those fluted glass pendant lights…

Image credit: @mycheshiregreyhome

We spoke to Stephanie (@thecheshiregreyhome) about her inspiration for the white kitchen extension and how she made her kitchen ideas a reality. You can see how the kitchen looked before on this Instagram post.

‘I love bright and airy spaces that make you feel calm when you walk into them,’ she tells us. ‘So I really wanted to use this as the inspiration for our kitchen extension.’

The interiors and lifestyle blogger says that she also … Read more

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The Union Of Two Weatherboard Cottages Into One Tactile Family Home

The Union Of Two Weatherboard Cottages Into One Tactile Family Home


by Sasha Gattermayr

‘Recycled bricks and recycled timber are the two main materials,’ explains Mark Spence. ‘The brick; a dry-pressed blended browns mix, detailed with flush mortar joints and left intact and not acid washed; for both environmental reasons as well as to helps often the tones of the bricks.’ Photo – Christopher Frederick Jones.

Corridors connect the boundary flanks to the dining pavilion to the south, while the courtyard is linked to every side via windows and sliding glass doors. Photo – Christopher Frederick Jones.

The dining room opens to the courtyard and backyard. From this view you can see the 4.2m long dining table and light fittings made of timber repurposed from the demolished eastern cottage. Photo – Christopher Frederick Jones.

The kitchen and dining space are connected in the southern pavilion. Photo – Christopher Frederick

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Increase your garden’s soil is one of the simplest ways to make your backyard thrive this year. Planting cowl crops within the fall is rising in popularity, even in small gardens.

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Protocol Property Management is one among Puget Sound’s leading property management companies. Once again the Nassau grievance period to complain about your industrial and residential property actual property tax is prolonged till April 2, 2020. There were so many adjustments; many will increase and reduces that there is an unprecedented number of filings protesting the assessment. Store for victorian art from the world’s best living artists. I will overuse the phrases victorian interior design or gothic interior design. cnc red floor Flowers aside, victorian design was additionally characterized by new advances in printing and the power to pair varied typefaces. ✓ free for business use ✓ prime quality images. Victorian decorative arts refers back to … Read more

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