Housing affordability pressures create pain for apartment upgraders

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Watch our Good Design for a Bad World talk about carbon at Dutch Design Week 2021

Dezeen teamed up with Dutch Design Week to host a live talk about how designers and architects can help remove carbon from the atmosphere.

This special edition of Dezeen’s Good Design for a Bad World talks series looked at ways of tackling climate change including carbon-capturing materials, net-zero cities and alternatives to fossil fuels.

An estimated 40 per cent of global carbon emissions stem from buildings and infrastructure, which makes the built environment one of the largest contributors to global warming.

Titled Good Design for a Bad World: Carbon, the talk explored the various ways that architects are trying to achieve net-zero developments and offer sustainable alternatives.

Taking place ahead of the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow in November, the talk built on Dezeen’s pioneering carbon revolution editorial series, which explored ways of capturing atmospheric carbon and putting it to use on earth.

Dezeen’s founder and editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs moderated … Read more

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Best wok 2021: for speedy stir-fries and healthy meals

The best wok will come with an unique bowl-shaped design that can be used to cook large servings all in one go. The design and sturdy handle will make it easy to toss your vegetables and fried rice and ensure they land back in the pan safely. Woks are also a great multi-tasker. You can use them in the place of a large saucepan or a frying pan, and they come in a variety of finishes.

Some of the best woks in our guide come with non-stick coating and dishwasher-safe designs for a less traditional, but more convenient, day-to-day use. Traditionally though, woks will come with a classic carbon steel design that can be seasoned over time to add flavour and char to your meals with every use. 

Unlike many of the best saucepan sets, a wok will have a narrower base and a wider rim. This will allow heat … Read more

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Steve Hofer’s Consumer Legislation (And Different Stuff) Blog

Your filth, unless it has been a nicely-tended backyard for some time, is probably pretty sub-optimum. There’s two ways through which it can be sub-optimal: composition and fertility.

how can i improve the drainage in my soil

Throughout the current market many owners property worth has gone means down. Great Stuff! I’n in the beginning phases of restoring my girlfriends 1895 Vic. What I take into consideration,up to now with her blessings,is to restore it to what it more than likely would have looked like a yr or 2 after having been constructed. I mean as close to exactly like. I wanna walk through the door and be transported. Have been doing TONS of research on 1890’s kitchens,living rooms (parlors,entrance rooms,and many others. Going to keep all the fashionable conveinences however,cover them nicely. In an identical means if they are planning to buy property in Fiji Islands they have to … Read more

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Poppy Garbin + Scott Gibson Of Pop And Scott’s Dromana Dream Home

Poppy Garbin + Scott Gibson Of Pop And Scott’s Dromana Dream Home


by Lucy Feagins, Editor

Rainbow dining chairs, Lou Alto dining table and Venus light shades from Pop and Scott. Vintage leather chairs from Castorina & Co. Artwork above fireplace by Bec Smith. Vintage Moroccan rug from Etsy. Photo – Caitlin Mills.

From left to right: Scotty with Lou on his lap, Frida, Veda and Poppy. Artworks by the kids! Photo – Caitlin Mills.

Bell Weaver and Day Bed by Pop and Scott. Rug by Pampa. Artwork by Bobby Clark. Photo – Caitlin Mills.

Bell Weaver, Day Bed, Dreamer Armchair and Ngoho Coffee table by Pop and Scott. Artwork on left wall by Petrina Bedford. Photo – Caitlin Mills.

Light floods into the belly of the house from end to end. Photo – Caitlin Mills.

Angelucci couch. Photography artwork by Lisa Sorgini. Rug is a vintage Turkish kilim

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