5 cheap hot tub deals under £500 – to transform your garden (on a budget) for summer 2021

5 cheap hot tub deals under £500 – to transform your garden (on a budget) for summer 2021

If you’re on a budget and looking to track down the best cheap hot tub deals, we’re here to lend a hand. A hot tub is not a purchase to be taken lightly – whether inflatable or built-in. We’ve found a range of cheap hot tubs, from £330 to £499, fit for small gardens, large spaces, teeny terraces, paved areas, and… you get the idea. Not just that, but these inflatable tubs can seat anything from two to six people at one time, depending on your family size, or how many people you like to host. Should you have an empty corner in your garden that’s in desperate need of some TLC, or you are looking for something fun to add to your garden for the kids (and adults!) to enjoy, then make a hot tub your next outdoor purchase.

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Keep scrolling for 5 great hot tub deals – all under £500 today – and get let your summer garden party planning commence…

5 cheap hot tubs to buy in 2021

1. Lay-Z-Spa Cancun 2-4 Person Hot Tub

Image credit: Lay-Z-Spa

This Lay-Z-Spa hot tub seats two to four people, and with 81 air jets and a capacity of 669 litres of water, it’s pretty impressive – especially considering the cheap £330 price tag. It features a grey rattan printed design (to match your garden furniture?) and inside its floor is blue, white and green. In the box comes a cover for when you’re not using it, and it has a power-saving, automatic timer-controlled heating system – to save you money on your energy bills, and reduce consumption when the hot tub isn’t in use. It’s ideal for smaller gardens, smaller budgets and small families…

Buy now: Lay-Z-Spa Cancun 2-4 Person Hot Tub, £330, Argos – home delivery only

Buy now: Lay-Z-Spa Cancun 2-4 Person Hot Tub, £330, Argos – pick up in store only

2. CleverSpa 4 person Hot tub

CleverSpa 4 person Hot tub

Image credit: CleverSpa

Boasting enough space for four adults to enjoy this hot tub comfortably, this budget-friendly buy has 110 jets – and it’s easy to setup. It has a cushioned floor, a black rattan-effect exterior and in the box comes a sturdy cover for protecting the water (and the interior of the tub) year-round. Speaking of year-round use, it has 365 Freeze Guard so that you can use it in the depths of winter, no issues, and it features automated shut off and thermal regulation.

Buy now: CleverSpa 4 person Hot tub, £361, B&Q

3. CleverSpa Inyo 4 Person Hot Tub

CleverSpa Inyo 4 Person Hot Tub

Image credit: CleverSpa

The CleverSpa hot tub can seat up to four people, and it boasts 110 jets – to soothe those muscles of yours. You can use it year-round thanks to 365 FreezeGuard, it inflates in less than five minutes and boasts a built-in pump and heating system so you can position it anywhere in your garden. It has a striking blue/green exterior while being white inside, and much like other hot tubs, it comes with a protective cover. A bargain for £380…

Buy now: CleverSpa Inyo 4 Person Hot Tub, £380, Argos – in store collection only

4. CosySpa Inflatable Hot Tub Spa

CosySpa Inflatable Hot Tub Spa

Image credit: CosySpa

For just a tad more money than the last hot tub, you can score a larger model – this one is £459.99 and it seats four to six people. It comes with an external pump that’s easy to use, as well as high-end accessories, from a drinks holder to headrests and more. What else? It’s made from hard-wearing PVC and aluminium foil, with a deluxe foil lid for heat retention – and it has a rapid water heating system. Great for parties, larger families or bigger gardens.

Buy now: CosySpa Inflatable Hot Tub Spa, £459.99, Amazon

5. Miami AirJet

Miami AirJet

Image credit: Lay-Z-Spa

This lovely looking tub has enough space for four people to chill, and with 120 air jets, it’s super luxurious. Black on the outside and white on the inside, it’s the perfect addition to an otherwise neutral garden, and with a rapid heating system, it can be ready to use in no time. It’s definitely one of the best affordable hot tubs out there – Lay-Z-Spa is a well-known brand – and we love the stylish (yet easy to use) display that comes attached to the pump. This premium tub also benefits from anti-freeze technology, an energy-saving timer, advanced safety features, built‑in cup holders, an inflatable lid and a reinforced insulating cover with safety lock clips. What’s not to love?

Buy now: Miami AirJet, £499, Lay-Z-Spa

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Where to buy a cheap hot tub?

If you prefer to do the shopping yourself, click through to the retailers below and get searching (by price, low to high, obviously). Here are the best places to find cheap hot tubs right now…

Will you be investing in one of these budget-friendly buys? We hope so!

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