A brand new luxury trend is sweeping our bathrooms as baths soar in popularity

A brand new luxury trend is sweeping our bathrooms as baths soar in popularity

January is for breaking New Year’s resolutions and taking afternoon baths. No doubt because of the cocooning effect of sinking into a hot bubble bath, the humble bathtub is seeing a surge in popularity.

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Given that we’ve gone through lockdowns, tier systems and back again this year, the fact we’re seeking comfort comes as no surprise. Maybe 2020 taught us the importance of looking after ourselves, or could it simply be that we have more time on our hands? 

Many of us dream of having a roll-top bath, with the traditional, free-standing tub pinned on many dream bathroom boards on Pinterest. And this year, it seems people are finally making it happen.

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A quarter of people surveyed by bath specialist Drench said they were planning to either upgrade their bath or separate it from the shower in 2021.

And it looks like we want both style and function, as not only is there a leaning towards modernising our bathrooms (47{c8b66c61d036f6ef577ebb4000d6f98acefd4039e69613ab9f29a3541d0a44dc}), but people also want to increase their functionality (19{c8b66c61d036f6ef577ebb4000d6f98acefd4039e69613ab9f29a3541d0a44dc}). The fact people wish to freshen up tired bathrooms and make sure they really work for them is no surprise, given that we’re all spending so much more time at home.

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Our renewed love for the bath has even given birth to luxury trend ‘bathscaping’. As you might expect, this involves decorating the area around your bath. 

But don’t stop at candles, think gorgeous house plants, a wooden bath rack or tray to hold a book, cup of tea (or glass of wine) and skincare products, with a cosy bath mat underfoot. Your favourite pyjamas and a soft and luxurious bathrobe are of course essential for when you get out. 

Given that hotel stays are off the cards, having a long soak and wrapping up in a bathrobe is the closest we can get to a night away. John Lewis & Partners has in fact noted a 107{c8b66c61d036f6ef577ebb4000d6f98acefd4039e69613ab9f29a3541d0a44dc} increase in purchases of bathrobes compared to last year.

This year has allowed us to take time for ourselves, to enjoy our home comforts and simple pleasures like creating the perfect bath landscape,’ Rosie Chalk, Partner and Assistant Buyer at John Lewis’ Bath Shop says. 

‘Our customers love natural materials which is why we introduced our bamboo range last year. Bamboo’s natural properties pair well with plants, candles and music creating the ideal bathscape. A truly relaxing atmosphere and a chance to forget about the daily troubles.’

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What are your bathscaping essentials?

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