A savvy couple transformed their kitchen with £1.75 IKEA bargains

A savvy couple transformed their kitchen with £1.75 IKEA bargains

A thrifty couple shared a budget kitchen makeover with marble vinyl – and they barely spent over £100. Rachel and Max used bargains from IKEA and hardware stores to make the space feel more up to date and in keeping with their style.

Their ultimate goal is to knock through into the dining space to make the area open plan. In the meantime, they wanted to update things with some fresh kitchen ideas to make the heart of their home happier.


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Before the makeover, the kitchen had plain brown cabinetry and black worktops. But they were hoping for more of a modern and monochrome feel. ‘During lockdown, when we were house searching we had a lot more time on our hands,’ Rachel says, speaking to Latest Deals.

‘So I spent hours on Instagram and Pinterest saving pictures of my favourite ideas and creating a mood board for each room,’ she says. Their first port of call was B&Q, where they picked up paint supplies for the cupboards.

To make things feel more special, they painted the hardware gold with some cheap spray paint from Amazon. The showstopper is the lovely marble-effect film. Rachel and Max have used this over the countertops, bringing texture and a sense of luxury.


modern kitchen after a makeover with dark painted cupboards and marble effect worktops

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The marble-effect vinyl wrap makes a huge difference, as does the fresh lick of paint. The product they used is D-C-Fix Gloss Grey Marble effect self-adhesive film, £5 at B&Q – it’s perfect if you’re decorating on a budget.

The pair did the entire budget kitchen makeover with marble vinyl by sourcing items from B&Q, IKEA and Facebook Marketplace. Over on the other side of the kitchen, they’ve put up new open shelving with storage jars and faux houseplants from IKEA.

The labelled jars with wooden lids were bargains from Poundland. These are great storage solutions for small spaces as they make the most of the vertical space you have.

kitchen with sink, appliances and open shelving

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We’re loving the two-tone look with cream and dark navy paint. The marble effect countertops and the Aldi cookware that looks just like Le Creuset definitely elevate the whole space.

So, would they do anything differently next time? They say they’d just take off the cupboard doors to make painting them that bit easier.

Overall, Rachel and Max said that the kitchen makeover was very easy to do, even if it took a while for the paint to dry. Have you been inspired to give your kitchen a quick bit of TLC?

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