Agile workplace furniture collection by Actiu

Agile workplace furniture collection by Actiu

Dezeen Showroom: office furniture brand Actiu has released the Agile collection, a series of mobile room dividers and furniture pieces that promote a more adaptable workspace.

The Agile collection includes tables, seats, screens and acoustic panels, designed in response to a growing demand for more flexible workspaces in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

All but one of the pieces sit on castors, allowing them to be easily moved around.

Agile Collection flexible workplace furniture by Actiu
The Agile collection includes a range of flexible screens called Caddy 500

Among the product ranges in the Agile collection is Caddy 500, a series of freestanding screens with plug sockets that can be used to partition spaces or act as whiteboards and display screens for presentations.

The screens can be upholstered to help improve the acoustics of a room or decorated with planters and other accessories.

Actiu designed the furniture to be mobile
Grada are flexible grandstands

Grada is a group of mobile grandstands, which can be used as benches or shelves depending on the needs of the space, while the Auxiliar side table with its rounded, asymmetrical edges can be combined with soft seating to provide flexible work stations.

The Agile collection also includes standalone acoustic panels in a wide range of fabrics and colours that double up as decorative elements.

“The time has come to configure safe environments, which incorporate solutions that improve space, productivity and in turn worker satisfaction,” said Soledat Berbegal, Actiu’s counsellor and head of corporate reputation.

Product: Agile Collection
Brand: Actiu
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