Best lawnmower sales 2020 – save on a Bosch, Flymo and Yard Force mower

Best lawnmower sales 2020 – save on a Bosch, Flymo and Yard Force mower

It may be the last thing on your mind now we’re all shivering this winter, but check out these incredible lawnmower sales and seriously spruce up your garden!

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It’s the off-season for most gardeners right now, but that’s exactly why so many lawnmowers are on sale. We have scoured some of the UK’s best gardening retailers and compiled their best lawnmower sales, making it easy for you to find a mower that’s right for you.

Here’s our rundown of the best lawnmower sales out there right now. Enjoy!

Lawnmower sales 2020 – quick links

Best lawnmower sales 2020

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Best lawnmower sales

Flymo EasiStore 300R 40 Volts Cordless Lawnmower: was £235, now £229,
This Flymo is cordless, making it ideal for larger gardens because you can reach every corner without fuss. The grass can be cut between 25 and 65mm, so no matter what condition it’s in, there’s a setting to match. Plus, with a 30 litre collection bin, you won’t have to spend time raking up the clippings as you can just empty it into the compost heap.

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Bosch CityMower 18 Cordless Lawnmower: was £269, now £229,
Bish, bash, Bosch! This mower has a 31-litre collection bin, plus adjustable cutting heights, between 30mm and 60mm. You can move the handle up and down too, giving whoever is using it some extra comfort. And thanks to the 2-year manufacturer warranty, you’ll even be covered in case something goes wrong.

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Black + Decker BEMW351GL2-GB Rotary Lawnmower Electric Mower & Grass Trimmer: was £89, now £84,
Get your lawn summer-ready with the help from this Black & Decker mains-powered lawnmower and grass trimmer bundle. The electric mower has a 10m cable, making it super-easy to reach the bottom of the garden. The trimmer comes with a 6m cable, so it’s super-convenient for tackling smaller areas and touching up the edges.

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Best Amazon lawnmower sale

Yard Force 40V 37cm Cordless Lawnmower: was £239.99, now £176.86, Amazon
Powered by Samsung technology, this Yard Force lawnmower is lightweight and manoeuvrable, designed with comfort and ease of use in mind. With no wires to untangle and no petrol to fill, your mowing will be stress-free. It comes with a 40V Samsung lithium battery and charger with power level indicator.

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Flymo EasiStore 340R Li Cordless Rotary Lawn Mower: was £259.99, now £230, Amazon0
Designed for smaller gardens, this Flymo EasiStore is a 34 cm battery-powered rotary lawnmower which uses two removable C-Link lithium-ion batteries. Also, it’s equipped with a large easy to empty 35 Litre grass box, central height adjust and a rear roller to create a striped effect and comfortable dual lever handles.

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Black + Decker BEMW451-GB Lawn Mower: was £87.99, now £69.98, Amazon
The 451-GB is compact and lightweight, giving you optimum control and manoeuvrability. A large 35l collection box will store all your cut grass without needing a half-time change. It’s also got improved wheel design on its predecessors, meaning better grip and control, plus three adjustable height settings.

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EGO LM1701E 42cm Cordless Lawnmower: was £479, now £363, Amazon
This electric EGO mower packs the same punch as any petrol-powered machine. The 56v Arc Lithium delivers more useable power than other hand-held batteries, EGO claims. While it’s HUGE 55-litre grass box is more than enough to mow your lawn. At £117 off, this is a bargain.

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Bosch Rotak 32R Electric Rotary Lawnmower: was £99.99, now £81.81, Amazon
At just 6.8kg, you can easily lift this electric lawnmower up, whether it’s got a full grassbox or not. With a 32 cm cutting width, this mower is suitable for medium-sized lawns but can cut long grass with ease.

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Best Robert Dyas lawnmower sale

Greenworks 48V 36cm Lawnmower with Two 24v 2Ah Batteries and Charger: was £249.99, now £179.99, Robert Dyas
The cordless mower has a 36cm cutting width, 5 position variable cutting height and completely cord-free operation. Add it’s 24v batteries can power the mower and many other Greenworks tools.

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Hyundai HYM3800E Corded Electric Lawnmower: was £124.99, now £108.99, Robert Dyas
This is an eco-friendly electric lawnmower which is perfect for medium-sized gardens. The corded HYM3800E has a lightweight plastic chassis, rear roller and with 1600W powering it, is a very versatile tool for your gardening.

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Bosch Rotak 34 R Electric Lawnmower: was £139.99, now £99.99, Robert Dyas
Thanks to its 1300w Powerdrive motor, this Bosch Rotak cuts through even long grass, effortlessly. Its ErgoFlex handles reduce strain on the arms, so it’s easy to handle and manoeuvre around beds or paths. It comes with 2 years guarantee as standard but can be extended to 3 years for free.

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Webb Classic 46cm Self Propelled Electric Start Petrol Rotary Lawnmower: was £349.99, now £299.99, Robert Dyas
Take the effort out of mowing your lawn with Webb’s self-propelled electric start petrol rotary lawnmower. This lawnmower is powered by a fuel-efficient 141cc electric start petrol motor giving it the power and strength it needs to cope with all of your lawn maintenance needs. Plus, its 55-litre collection bag makes this an-easy-to-use mower and it’s great for smaller lawns with slopes or rough grass areas.

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Best Homebase lawnmower sale

Greenworks Cordless Mower & Grass Trimmer: was £129, now £75.03, Homebase

This combo deal from Homebase will give your lawn crystal-clear lines. This deal includes a 24Volt cordless Mower and a Line Trimmer with 25cm trimming width, so you can get perfect wide lines separating your new cut grass.

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What are the different types of lawnmower?

There are several kinds of lawnmowers and depending on the size of your garden, you’ll need a specific type. Here are different lawnmowers you should consider.

Petrol lawnmower

This classic offers a lot of power for cutting longer grass as well as wetter lawns while having a large range and long life. The downside is buying and mixing fuel, noise and vibration.

Main electric lawnmower

These offer lots of power as a fuel mower but without the smell or hassle. You are limited by a cable which often means the need for an extension lead, external socket and a whole lot of cable moving.

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Battery lawn mower

This offers a truly mobile mower for hassle-free mobility. These can limit you on power and life before needing a charge.

Robot lawnmower

These battery-powered mowers will do the cutting for you. They are best on large open areas only, don’t get into edges and spread rather than collect the grass waste.

You can also get rotary mowers but for the purposes of this guide, we are focusing on cutting-edge (yes, pun intended, again) tech only.

Why do I need a lawnmower?

mowed lawns

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If you want your lawn to look its best, you’ll need a decent mower. The better the mower the faster the job can be done which means you may do it more often for a well-kept garden. Regular cuts equals less physical effort, and less grass mess to clear away.

Another reason to mow regularly is to clear leaves. Many mowers chew up leaves and either bag them for you as you go, or cut and spread them onto the lawn to work back into the soil. Both great ways to ensure a tidier lawn without the excursion of working a rake or the expense of having to invest in a leaf blower.

How much should I spend on a lawnmower?

In the sales, you spend less. So capitalise on the savings and perhaps upgrade on the model to sacrifice the savings. But the short answer is that you spend based on your needs. Generally speaking the higher the price tag, the bigger the mower, which will save you time. But in reality, spending more may be a waste of money by buying you features you might not need.

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However, you might want to splash out a bit more to get a larger blade size that cuts a wider area, meaning fewer laps up and down the garden.

Another factor is if you want a roller, this will cost more but means you get those brilliant lines left in the lawn to give the cut a really professional finish.

You can save more money by going for a wired mower over a battery, for example, but you just need to decide if that cable constantly being moved is going to be worth the saving.

One consideration is the brand. You can get more affordable brands that claim to offer everything more established names do. In reality, you’re often going to get a longer life from an established brand and, especially in the petrol mowers, better performance.

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Happy shopping!

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