Best yoga mat – our top buys for stretching, bending, toning and working out in your home

Best yoga mat – our top buys for stretching, bending, toning and working out in your home

In the market for the best yoga mat out there? We can help make this purchase easy. Whether you will, indeed, be using your new yoga mat for practising your Downward Dog and moving into Warrior II, or you are planning on using it for an online exercise class.

Having a yoga mat on your floor – whether that be hard or soft – will provide a cushioned base for your hands, feet, elbows and knees to sit while your heart rate starts rising. 

In this guide we will round up five of the best yoga mats for home use, from ultra-thick yoga mats to non-stick options for performing hot yoga (or Bikram) and even a portable mat that can fit inside a suitcase. Each yoga mat has been rated based on thickness and size, material, its non-stick properties and price.

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What is the best yoga mat?

Our overall best yoga mat is the YogiBare Paws yoga mat. We rate it highly for its 4mm thickness, it’s eco-friendly construction, not to forget its non-stick coating.

The FitBeast yoga mat is our best thick yoga mat at 6mm, and the Core Balance yoga mat is a great budget-friendly option. Read on to discover more.

Best yoga mats 2021

1. YogiBare Paws yoga mat

Best mat for all yogis

The YogiBare Paws yoga mat is rated our top choice as it’s raved about by reviewers, and also because it features alignment markers to help ensure your hands and feet are central while performing poses. Not only for beginners, but this mat is also handy for home use while your yogi can’t give in-person feedback.

In terms of thickness, it measures 4mm making it a nice base if you are practising on hard flooring or carpets.

This YogiBare mat is made from 100 per cent eco-friendly materials – natural PU rubber and natural plant-based dyes, as well as non-toxic inks. This makes it biodegradable and recyclable. 

Happy reviewers can vouch for this mat’s non-stick properties, which is one of the biggest selling points apart from the alignment markers. Even with sweaty palms and soles, you will stay in a pose. It’s rated highly when it comes to using during hot yoga.

Price-wise, the YogiBare Paws mat is an investment. If you practise yoga every day or several times a week, then this is the mat for you. It can also be cleaned easily to extend its life – use diluted lemon juice in warm water and wipe. 

Ideal Home’s rating: 5 out of 5 stars

View now: YogiBare Paws yoga mat, £68, Amazon

2. FitBeast yoga mat

Best thick yoga mat


The FitBeast Yoga Mat is great if you have sore joints that need serious cushioning while exercising, and it can be used for both yoga and home work outs. Not to mention that it’s double-sided, and it comes with a carry strap for easy portability.

At 6mm thick, this yoga mat is the most cushioning on our list, to protect your joints and prevent injury. Thanks to this factor it’s also tear-resistant and durable. 

This FitBeast mat is made from a TPE material that’s both eco-friendly and non-toxic. Not just that but it’s moisture-proof and odour-resistant, too. Just don’t leave it in the sun for too long or it could shorten its longevity.

Being double-sided, this yoga mat offers an exceptional amount of grip. Use the leaf-printed side for yoga and the rippled side if you are on tiles, wooden floors, grass or slippery gym floor.

Coming in at under £25, this yoga mat is a bargain for what it can offer.

Ideal Home’s rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

View now: FitBeast yoga mat, £24.99,

3. Core Balance Yoga Mat

Best budget yoga mat 

We rate this Core Balance option as the best budget yoga mat out there – it’s impressive for the under £15 price tag, and it’s great for occasional use whether doing yoga or HIIT.

Though cheap, this yoga mat is a lovely 6mm thick. Impressively enough, it still can be rolled away at this thickness (although you should avoid folding as it may cause damage). It will be sure to keep your elbows from aching while planking and your hands from hurting while in Downward Dog. Though spongy, it’s still easy to move from pose to pose on this mat. 

It’s made from hardwearing PVC foam making it great for years of use, and this means that it should keep its shape pretty well – even after being rolled up for months.

Its non-stick really is something to shout about as it’s particularly great for use on laminate flooring. Even when sweaty, your hands and feet will still stick to this mat. Its textured surface also keeps it where you want it to be on the floor.

At just under £15, this yoga mat is a bargain and it’s a great option if you are planning on using your mat occasionally. It can even be cleaned to extend its life – wipe it down with soap and water and air dry.

Ideal Home’s rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

View now: Core Balance Yoga Mat, £14.99,

4. Gaiam Performance Jute 5mm Yoga Mat

Best non-slip yoga mat

If you often get sweaty while performing yoga or working out, and you find your hands and feet slipping off your mat, then you might want to invest in a jute yoga mat. Specifically, this Gaiam one.

At 5mm thick, it’s the perfect padding on top of hard floor. Though in itself the mat is quite hard, it’s softer on your joints than laminate flooring, tiles or wood. This thickness also makes it more durable than other options.

Made from all-natural jute and PER, this mat is durable, sustainable and it absorbs moisture with ease. Considering its material, this mat still surprisingly manages to be lightweight.

Ideal for hot yoga thanks to its extremely non-slip jute surface, this yoga mat will not let your hands or feet move an inch once in position. No matter how much you sweat when in class.

The price is the only thing that’s off-putting about this yoga mat – it’s just under £50 – though this can be justified by its durability and the fact it can be used for both hot yoga and normal yoga.

Ideal Home’s rating: 4 out of 5 stars 

View now: Gaiam Performance Jute 5mm Yoga Mat, £49.99, John Lewis & Partners

5. Manduka eKo Superlight Travel Yoga Mat

Best travel yoga mat

If you are after an easily portable yoga mat, then this Manduka one is your best bet. Instead of being rollable, this yoga mat folds away so that you can fit it inside a backpack or suitcase – or a locker.

Measuring a thin 1.5mm so that it can be folded with ease, this yoga mat is probably not our best suggestion if you have sensitive joints. You are probably best to use it on a carpeted floor.

It’s made from biodegradable natural tree rubber and is non-toxic, non-Amazon harvested and 99 per cent latex-free.

Due to its eco-friendly nature, this mat has an orange peel-like surface to offer grip. It might be best used with a towel on top, especially when doing hot yoga. 

This Manduka yoga mat is one of the most expensive on our list due to its unique selling point of being travel-friendly. If you often travel or hate carrying a rollable mat to class, then it’s worth your money. Otherwise, you might want to choose one of our other picks. 

Ideal Home’s rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

View now: Manduka eKo Superlight Travel Yoga Mat, £40,

What should I consider before buying a yoga mat?

There are several things to consider before buying a yoga mat:

  • Look at your new yoga mat’s size to check that you aren’t too tall for it. In terms of depth, check that it’s not wider than your shoulders.
  • Check your mat’s thickness depending on how sensitive your joints are, and what flooring you’ll be practising on. The average thickness of a yoga mat is around 4mm. You won’t want to go too thick or you’ll find it hard to move from pose to pose.
  • Take a note of what it’s made from before you buy – especially if you are eco-conscious. Some yoga mats are made of foam, others from natural materials and there’s even one on our list that’s jute.
  • What’s the non-stick like? A very important factor when it comes to buying a yoga mat. If it’s slippery, then you’ll find it very difficult to move around without your hands slipping off your mat, or your mat slipping all over your floor.
  • Consider the price of your new yoga mat, along with how often you think you’ll be using it – if your answer is every day, then a yoga mat worth £50+ is worth it.
  • Be sure to look and check whether your mat comes with any accessories. In some cases, you may get a free carry strap, or a bag, or a booklet with basic poses inside.
  • If you’ll be taking your yoga mat outside of your house – to class, on holiday or elsewhere – then be mindful of its weight.

Take a read of our yoga mat guide above to find the best option for what you’ll be using it for. 


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