Black Friday coffee machine deals 2020 – top discounts on pod, filter and bean-to-cup espresso makers

Black Friday coffee machine deals 2020 – top discounts on pod, filter and bean-to-cup espresso makers

Here’s a sight for sore (or should that be bleary?) eyes – Black Friday coffee machine deals that will deliver the tastiest espressos, comforting cappuccinos and fabulous filter coffees.

Before you shop, decide if you really want a bean-to-cup, filter or pod coffee machine. We’ve popped a handy guide at the end of this article to help you make your decision. But if you already have an idea, head straight to our deals. But make it quick, as some of these deals have already sold out at other retailers, and we don’t expect them to hang around for long.

Best Black Friday coffee machine deals – quick links

Best Black Friday pod coffee maker deals

Calling all ‘cwaffee’ lovers! If you are looking for a good deal on a coffee maker and can’t be bothered with the faff of filling up a portafilter with grounds or waiting for a filter brew to drip through, there are some great Black Friday deal on Nespresso, Dolce Gusto and Tassimo pod machines.

Check out the deals below…

Lavazza Jolie coffee machine with milk frother white, was £129.99, NOW £64.50, John Lewis & Partners
Save £65 on this ultra-quiet capsule coffee machine and integral milk frother in glossy white. At half price, it’s a total bargain. In fact, it’s already sold out elsewhere so grab it while you can.

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Nespresso Magimix VertuoPlus coffee machine, SAVE £70, now £79.99, Very
On testing this Ideal Home Approved machine, our coffee expert Rachel praised it for producing ‘generous mugs of joe, on-point espresso and luscious lungos that are as good for entertaining as they are on a daily basis’ and rated it the best machine to buy for everyday luxury.

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Nespresso by Krups Vertuo Plus XN903840, SAVE £105, now £74,
The Vertuo Plus can accommodate five different sizes of cup thanks to its adjustable drip tray, from neat little espresso shot glasses to big, cuddly mugs. It takes less than 20 seconds to heat up, and the water tank at the back is pretty sizeable for such a small machine so you won’t find yourself refilling it as often as you’d think!

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Breville One-Touch VCF107 Coffee Machine: was £299, now £149, Currys

Yes, you did read that right – this machine has an impressive £150 off and is now half price. It takes ground coffee & Easty Serve Espresso coffee sachets, and has a milk frother you can pop in the fridge when you’re not using it.

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Best Black Friday bean-to-cup coffee maker deals

Your machine will come either with a wand for frothing milk by hand, or with a milt compartment where the job is done for you. Look out for a warming tray on top with room for multiple cups – this will ensure you serve your drink extra hot.

The machines are reduced by as much as 50 per cent. For that reason – and the fact they would make excellent Christmas gifts – we can easily see these deals selling out before we even get to Black Friday.

De’Longhi Magnifica S Automatic Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine, was £365, now £299.99, Amazon
If you’re looking for the easy life, this machine delivers. It has a ‘silent grinder’ so you won’t disturb the rest of the family if you’re making a coffee in the wee small hours. And its milk tank cleans itself. It was already a great price, but now you can save an extra £65.

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Delonghi Magnifica Smart Bean to Cup coffee maker, was £449.99, NOW £329, Lakeland
Save more than £120 on this easy-to-use bean-to-cup Delongi coffee machine. There’s even a steam wand for making frothy cappuccinos.
So what are you waiting for? Mine’s a flat white!

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What type of coffee maker is best for me?


image credit: Sage

Bean-to-cup coffee machines

Serious coffee aficionados should consider a bean-to-cup machine. This won’t just deliver a freshly ground, aromatic cup of coffee. Unlike machines that use pre-ground coffee in pods or capsules, a bean-to-cup encourages you to get creative – try different beans and roasts, vary how coarse or smooth you like your grind, experiment with water temperature (up to a maximum of 98C – any higher and your coffee will taste bitter), steam and how much milk, until you find your favourite combination.

Keeping your machine clean and scale-free is key to getting years of problem-free use out of it and if it’s tricky to maintain, you’re less likely to use it regularly. Look for a model that offers an easy clean option combined with one where the milk doesn’t enter the internal machinery, avoiding any fiddly disassembly. Larger than pod machines due to the internal grinder, bean-to-cup models can live on your countertop, but do consider the space they’ll take up.

Pod coffee machines

If you can’t function without a coffee first thing in the morning, but dread the rigmarole of making a decent cup from scratch, you need a pod coffee machine. There’s no faffing about grinding beans, measuring out the right amount of grounds, or cleaning up the mess they make.

These little machines are so simple to use, taking pods of coffee that’s been roasted, ground and sealed for freshness. Steaming water is forced through the pod at a high bar pressure, creating a tasty drink with a thick ‘crema’ of coffee extract on top, which is the key to a tasty espresso.

Some machines go a step further and have pods for longer, milk-based drinks, so you don’t even have to work wonders with a frothing arm to get a creamy cappuccino, mocha or latte. When choosing your system you’ll be tied into the manufacturer’s pod range, which might include a wide variety of coffees, or a smaller choice with teas and hot chocolates, so research before you buy.

What are the two type of Nespresso coffee machine?

Nespresso fans should remember there are two types of pods – the original style and Vertuo. The latter are super clever, as the machine will recognise exactly what blend of coffee is inside and automatically adjusts the settings accordingly for the perfect brew. however, machines will only be compatible with one pod type.

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