Bland to bling! This hallway gets a dramatic makeover thanks to mirrored staircase

Bland to bling! This hallway gets a dramatic makeover thanks to mirrored staircase

Looking to make a lasting impression with your hallway decor? A mirrored staircase is one sure way to do that. This wow example is the work of Samantha Bradley, a mum of three from Bolton.

The DIY savvy mum longed for a bling staircase to transform her home. After spotting the dazzling mirrored tiles on eBay she knew they were just the thing to take her stairs from drab to fab.

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Staircase before

Image credit: Samantha Bradley

The stairs were a perfect blank canvas. Samantha bravely decided that rather than just paint the stairs or carpet from top to bottom she would get creative with tiles instead. And what a difference it’s made!

‘I wanted my stairs to be a statement,’ Samantha tells Latest Deals. ‘I stumbled across the mirrored tiles on eBay as I love the ‘bling’ look. Instantly, I knew they’d work as a backdrop for my stairs, and tie in with the white and grey theme of the house.’

mirrored tiles on stairs

Image credit: Samantha Bradley

Samantha says, ‘I’ve always had a creative mind, and I’m always coming up with quirky ways to upcycle or transform things from drab to fab. I bought the tiles on eBay, stuck these to some old laminate flooring and nailed them to the stairs.’

Going on to explain how she then used leftover carpet from offcuts from the upstairs for the treads of the stairs. All in a bid to be less wasteful and of course, keep the transformation within budget. ‘The whole project cost me around £140, with £105 of that being the tiles’ she recalls.

Mirrored staircase after

mirrored staircase with tiles

Image credit: Samantha Bradley

Detailing the spend Samantha states, ‘The tiles cost £105, the beading was £25, the adhesive was around £10 and I used leftover laminate and carpet I already had in the house.’ So all-in-all she managed to get the look for just £140.

Chuffed with the results she says, ‘Now they are done, I’m absolutely in love with them,’ adding,’I cannot stop staring at them!’.

mirrored staircase

Image credit: Samantha Bradley

Samantha has wowed the neighbours with her fabulous staircase. Humorously saying, ‘Even the neighbours have named my house ‘Graceland’.’

On a practical note, the quirky mirrored staircase helps brighten the hallway no end. Mirrors are ideal for making any small space feel bigger!

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Too bling or are you in on the idea of mirrored stairs?

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