Wander Art Trail invites visitors to explore outdoor artworks in Mayfair and Belgravia

Dezeen promotion: 12 artworks by Yinka Ilori, Morag Myerscough, Richard Woods and more form an outdoor gallery along a trail through London neighbourhoods Mayfair and Belgravia.

As pandemic-related government restrictions ease across the UK, Londoners are invited to explore a string of installations positioned along a walkable route, forming the Wander Art Trail.

In Plants We Trust by Yinka Ilori
Artworks along the Wander Art Trail include an installation titled In Plants We Trust by Yinka Ilori in Mayfair

Curated by Alter-Projects, the series of artworks was created by local, national and international artists and designers.

The public art projects range from murals and street furniture to large-scale urban interventions, spread out across the central London neighbourhoods.

Tell Me Something Nice by Kinska
The works range from murals and sculptures to street furniture, like this combined planter and seating by Kinska in Belgravia

“Our goal with the Wander Art Trail is to deliver a major cultural intervention across [the] neighbourhoods of Mayfair and … Read more

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Crop outdoor seating by Benjamin Hubert for Allermuir

Dezeen Showroom: outdoor furniture company Allermuir has launched Crop, a colourful collection of chairs and stools designed by Benjamin Hubert of London-based studio Layer.

The Crop range features a bar stool, lounge chair and two dining chairs, available with and without armrests.

The range is distinguished by its stackable steel rod frame, with robot-welded wires forming the seat and backrests.

Stacked Crop outdoor chairs by Benjamin Hubert
The Crop range includes stackable dining chairs

Crop’s graphic lines were honed through multiple rounds of drawings and 3D models, with Hubert taking inspiration from the parallel crop fields dotted across the British countryside.

“This connection with the natural world allows the collection to sit sensitively in an outdoor context, relating each piece to its surroundings through a shared visual rhythm,” explain Allermuir.

“This relationship between the product and the great outdoors is enhanced by the dynamic interplay of light and shadow produced as the sun moves across the linear … Read more

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Virtual nightclub Eschaton creates "feeling of a rabbit hole" by combining theatre with gaming design

“The possibilities are infinite” when you bring theatre into virtual space, according to the designers behind pioneering nightclub experience Eschaton.

Combining elements of cabaret, immersive theatre and video games, Eschaton is a virtual experience that pushes video chat technology to new levels.

Visitors are invited to explore a seemingly endless number of rooms – each contained within a Zoom window – where they can encounter anything from a burlesque performance to a murder mystery.

These rooms are framed within a virtual world filled with mysterious portals and secret passwords.

Pole dancing at Eschaton
Eschaton is a virtual experience that allows you explore a seemingly endless number of rooms

For the show’s producers, Brittany Blum and Tessa Whitehead of Chorus Productions, the online format allowed them to explore methods of staging that would have been completely impossible in a physical production.

“We could build an incredibly rich, complex and sprawling world,” explained Whitehead, who is … Read more

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Minwook Paeng develops robot eye to help users walk while looking at their phones

Industrial design student Minwook Paeng has created a robotic Third Eye that is fixed to the forehead and looks out for obstacles when the wearer’s real eyes are glued to their smartphone.

The prosthetic automatically opens its plastic eyelid when the head is tilted downwards and sounds a warning buzz if a hazard is detected up to a metre ahead.

This allows users to navigate their lives while texting or scrolling through Instagram, uninterrupted by real-world obstacles.

Woman wears Third Eye prosthetic on her forehead
The Third Eye can be fixed directly to the forehead

Developed by Paeng as part of his Innovation Design Engineering degree at London’s Royal College of Art and Imperial College, the project provides a satirical look at how humans are evolving into “phono sapiens”.

“By using smartphones in a bad posture, our neck vertebrae are leaning forward giving us ‘turtle neck syndrome’ and the pinkies we rest our phones on are bending along … Read more

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Agile workplace furniture collection by Actiu

Dezeen Showroom: office furniture brand Actiu has released the Agile collection, a series of mobile room dividers and furniture pieces that promote a more adaptable workspace.

The Agile collection includes tables, seats, screens and acoustic panels, designed in response to a growing demand for more flexible workspaces in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

All but one of the pieces sit on castors, allowing them to be easily moved around.

Agile Collection flexible workplace furniture by Actiu
The Agile collection includes a range of flexible screens called Caddy 500

Among the product ranges in the Agile collection is Caddy 500, a series of freestanding screens with plug sockets that can be used to partition spaces or act as whiteboards and display screens for presentations.

The screens can be upholstered to help improve the acoustics of a room or decorated with planters and other accessories.

Actiu designed the furniture to be mobile
Grada are flexible grandstands

Grada is a group of mobile grandstands, which can be … Read more

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