Brecht Wright Gander designs lamp with rubber orifice that lights up when "turned on"

New York designer Brecht Wright Gander has created a light that is switched on by sliding a phallic conductor inside of a puckered, rubber opening, in the hopes of maximising the user’s feelings of discomfort.

Currently on show at Room57 Gallery‘s inaugural exhibition, Gander‘s Another Fucking Lamp features a body made of three interconnected steel monoliths.

This elaborate structure serves to highlight its functioning as a kind of Rube Goldberg machine, which performs a simple task in a needlessly convoluted way.

Another Fucking Lamp by Brecht Wright Gander
Another Fucking Lamp features a three-pronged steel body

A fleshy, pink chord extends from the central pillar and rests inside of a velvet sleeve on top of the adjacent column, reminiscent of a gas pump at a petrol station.

Removing it from its holder and repeatedly inserting it into the orifice on the side illuminates a spherical bulb perched atop the third, and tallest metal post.

Rubber orifice of Another Fucking Lamp
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Watch our talk with Tej Chauhan for Rado Design Week

Dezeen spoke to designer Tej Chauhan about his new design for Swiss watch brand Rado in the a live panel discussion as part of Rado Design Week.

Dezeen editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs was joined by industrial designer Chauhan to talk about his special edition of Rado’s True Square watch, which was exclusively revealed in a video filmed by Dezeen.

For his design, Chauhan has played with the aesthetics found in old sci-fi films to create a watch that employs a bold use of colour, graphics and textures.

Taking inspiration from films such as A Space Odyssey and Blade Runner, Chauhan has given the watch a vibrant yellow colour and features such as a quilted leather strap emulating traditional watch links and a graphic watch face that includes a date indicator using the designer’s own font.

“We wanted to strike a balance between something contemporary and something traditional,” Chauhan said … Read more

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Shorts that imitate Kim Kardashian's bum are "a perfect ubuesque finale for 2020" says commenter

In this week’s comments update, readers are both horrified and delighted by silicone shorts that imitate Kim Kardashian’s bum and sharing their views on other top stories.

Beate Karlsson has attempted to design never-before-seen items, resulting in the creation of human claw shoes and Kardashian-inspired padded shorts.

The Bum is a wearable replica of reality star Kardashian’s rear.

The Claw shoes, which have been 3D printed from a mixture of wood fibres and silicone, take the form of giant human hands propped up on all four fingers and thumb in the gesture of an animal’s claw.

“Wonderfully weird and playful!”

Readers are divided. “A perfect ubuesque finale for 2020,” said Aigoual.

“2020 and after all we’ve been through, we are still talking about Kim’s ass,” added Love Your Hair.

Benny was more positive though: “Wonderfully weird and playful!”

“I want these as scale figures for my architectural drawings,” concluded … Read more

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The Spanish Chair by Børge Mogensen for Fredericia

Dezeen Showroom: broad armrests designed to hold cups of coffee distinguish the mid-century Spanish Chair that Danish furniture designer Børge Mogensen created for Fredericia.

The Spanish Chair, which has been in production since 1958, was developed by Mogensen with Fredericia to offer users a timeless design in which form follows function.

As its name suggests, it takes its cues from an old Spanish chair he saw while on a trip to Andalucia that had a distinctive wide seat and armrests.

Front view of the Spanish Chair by Børge Mogensen for Danish brand Fredericia
The Spanish Chair’s wide armrests are designed to hold cups

Mogensen’s design marries warm, vegetable-tanned leathers with bold white stitching and a geometric frame made from solid European oak.

Circular cutouts in the leather backrest frame the chair’s distinctive armrests, which are unusually wide to allow users to rest their cups and glasses – negating the need for side tables.

Back of the Spanish Chair by Børge Mogensen for Danish brand Fredericia
The leather seats can be tightened oven time
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Mischer'Traxler and Perrier-Jouët present Curiosity Cloud installation for Dezeen x Miami Design Talks

Austrian design studio Mischer’Traxler spoke to Dezeen in a live interview about its Curiosity Cloud installation, which features at Design Miami 2020.

The live conversation, which was the penultimate instalment of Dezeen x Miami Design Talks, was moderated by Dezeen’s founder and editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs.

Created in collaboration with 200-year-old champagne house Perrier-Jouët, Curiosity Cloud is a chandelier-like installation comprising 22 suspended blown-glass bulbs.

Dezeen x Miami Design Talks

The bulbs come in three different sizes and were blown individually by Viennese glassware company Lobmeyr.

Each of the bulbs contains a hand-made model of a species of insect that is commonly found in the United States, which is intended to speak to Design Miami 2020’s theme of America(s).

The work lies dormant when there is nobody around but the bulbs light up and the insects inside start fluttering when visitors move closer to the piece.

Curiosity Cloud aims to reflect upon … Read more

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