[Podcast] My biggest investment mistake exposed | 3 demographic trends all property investors must understand with Pete Wargent – Summer Series

Let me ask you a question – Have you made any mistakes in your investment career?

If you’re an investor, you almost certainly have made some mistakes.

Nobody starts out as a great investor – property investment is a learned skill.

Today, I’m going to share with you one of the biggest mistakes I made early on in my investment career indisputable proof that I began life as an investment suck up.

Today’s show is part of what I’m calling the 2021 Summer Series where we replay some of the best episodes of the past.

Throughout January I’m sharing 3 shows a week with you rather than normal 2; and the reason I’m keen for you to listen to today show is because I hope you’ll learn something from the big mistake I made.

You see… I was taken in by a spruiker.

In the almost 50 years that I’ve … Read more

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TDF Talks with Plant Designer, Jenna Holmes of Plant Mama

TDF Talks with Plant Designer, Jenna Holmes of Plant Mama


by Lucy Feagins, Editor

Photo – Eve Wilson for the Design Files. Styling – Annie Portelli

Photo – Eve Wilson for the Design Files. Styling – Annie Portelli

Photo – Eve Wilson for the Design Files. Styling – Annie Portelli

Jenna Holmes is impossible to put in a box. The former P.E teacher is the founder of Plant Mama, a business that she describes as ‘curated plant chaos’! Actually, her job involves creating and maintaining lush indoor jungles for her clients, ranging from residential homes, to commercial projects for the likes of Lululemon and Google.

Jenna initially launched her plant-styling business in 2017 with a portfolio website, built using Squarespace.  Since then, she’s expanded her business to include merchandise, an online store… and wait for it – private dinner events! ‘Pasta Mama’ is the sister business to

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Here’s the type of property that will outperform in the long term

I’ll get straight to the point…

I believe the inner and middle ring suburbs of our big capital cities will be the best medium to long term investment locations.

Here’s my logic…

There’s little doubt that Australia’s population will double in the next 40 – 50 years.

Thing about that – another 25 million people will be living in this beautiful country and our five big capital cities are likely to accommodate around three-quarters of this population growth.

In other words, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide and will double in population over this period, with Melbourne likely to do a bit better than the others and Adelaide will do a bit worse.

So where will this substantial growth occur?

All our capital cities have their town planners working furiously on future plans and what is well recognised is that the future growth won’t be spread evenly across the metropolitan … Read more

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[Podcast] The 3 big lessons I learned from successful investors at Wealth Retreat – Summer Series with Pete Wargent

While you’re listening to this podcast, my wife and I are away on our vacation.

Unfortunately due to Covid, it’s not the extended overseas trip we usually take at this time of the year, but we are able to take a number of breaks each year because we’ve built a substantial property portfolio that gives us the lifestyle we enjoy.

I’m not showing off.

What I’m suggesting is you should also build a substantial asset base to give you choices in life.

How are you going to do that?

How are you going to be different from all those investors who don’t get past their first or second property?

The answer is to learn from those who have already succeeded – who’ve achieved what you want to achieve.

That’s what Pete Wargent and I are going to talk about in today’s show.

As part of our summer series, I’m replaying … Read more

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