Sruli Recht designs "futuristic" footwear for extreme environments

Icelandic artist Sruli Recht has created the Damage collection of 3D-printed shoes that are designed for extreme environments and to help with old age.

Created in collaboration with creative consultancy Industry, the collection is comprised of three pieces designed as extensions to the foot.

damage footwear collection of prosthetic shoes
Top: Damage includes three different designs. Above: each design is meant to draw attention to an environmental issue

One pair of shoes can withstand flooding, another can be worn in extreme heat and the third pair helps to stabilise balance.

Recht added an elevated heel, a built-in cooling system and a stability feature respectively to make the shoes suitable for each extreme environment.

Damage footwear to combat flooding
The shoes are being sold via NFT platform Foundation

“The idea for this collection began with looking at the language of the functional aesthetics of footwear and how it evolves from its intended purpose through fashion,” Recht told Dezeen.

“Watching the flooded streets … Read more

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The £22 pressed flower bedding that's an Urban Outfitters dupe

Treating yourself to some new bedding? This fancy set from Habitat reminds us of a certain other pressed flower bedding set that’s quite popular on Instagram. Decorated with various wildflowers, including red-seeded dandelions, bluebells and daisies, as well as male ferns, it does a great job of bringing the outside into your bedroom. And, for only £22 for a single size, it’s a bargain. In fact, we might just prefer this set since it’s also reversible, with a plain pink colour on the other side. What’s not to love?

The best thing about this flower pressed bedding set is its price tag. It’s only £22 for a single, £28 for a double and £34 for a king size. The Habitat Country Hideaway Flower Bedding Set also comes with a pillowcase(s) included. A dupe of the popular Urban Outfitters bed linen we see everywhere, which starts from £35 for a single, Read more

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This year's Paris Design Week explores desirable lifestyles

Dezeen promotion: Parisian galleries, showrooms and boutiques will open their doors for Paris Design Week from 9-18 September.

The 10-day event will host exhibitions, workshops and discussions surrounding a range of design disciplines, including fashion, homeware and interiors.

This year the event has adopted the same theme as the biannual Parisian interior design show Maison & Objet – “desirable development”.

The show will aim to explore objects that represent designers’ visions of what makes a desirable lifestyle in light of the changes the coronavirus pandemic has brought.

Paris Design Week
The Frugal exhibition showcases designs from over 40 designers including this bamboo lamp by Samy Rio

Although Maison & Objet was a digital event in 2020, it will return physically this year from 9-13 September, and like Paris Design Week which was an in-person event in 2020, it will exhibit previously unseen collections from across the globe.

“Rising talents and iconic design brands, … Read more

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Five healthy air fryer ideas for low-fat cooking

Are air fryers healthy? Well, that depends on how you use them. One of the main selling points of the best air fryers is their healthy and low-fat cooking method. But, are air fryers healthy, or is this just a myth? Well, the truth is that air fryers are definitely a useful tool for those who want to start cooking in a more healthy and low-fat way, but they’re only as healthy as the food you put in them.

We have reviewed a lot of air fryers over the years, and one of the recipes we always use to test them is homemade chips. By drizzling wedges of potato in a tablespoon of oil and a healthy sprinkle of herbs, you’re definitely cutting down on the fat of deep fat fryers, but that doesn’t mean your meal will always be healthy. This depends on what you put in the air Read more

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Dezeen launches £15,000 Redesign the World competition with Epic Games

Dezeen has teamed up with Epic Games to launch Redesign the World, the ultimate design competition that calls for new ideas to rethink planet Earth.

The competition is free to enter for people over the age of 18 of any profession and from any country in the world. It is open for entries until 15 September 2021.

The 15 best proposals will be published on Dezeen in November during our Dezeen 15 online festival celebrating Dezeen’s 15th anniversary.

The contest has a top prize of £5,000 and total prize money of £15,000.

Click here for more information about how to enter, including the full brief and submission requirements.

Redesign the World is “ultimate design challenge”

We are looking for radical new solutions to ensure that planet Earth remains habitable for hundreds of years to come.

“The problems the world faces are huge in scale and they demand equally epic solutions,” … Read more

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