This week Abiboo envisioned a city on Mars for quarter of a million people

This week on Dezeen, a video fly-through showed architecture studio Abiboo’s proposal for Nüwa city, which was designed to be the first permanent city on Mars.

The city, which was envisioned to house up to 250,000 people, would be embedded into a cliff face.

It was designed by Abiboo for non-profit organisation the Mars Society to be a self sufficient and sustainable settlement.

“It is a sustainable and self-sufficient city with a strong identity and sense of belonging,” Abiboo founder Alfredo Munoz told Dezeen in an exclusive interview. “Nüwa is conceived to be the future capital of Mars.”

D render by Andrés Reisinger
NFTs will usher in a “creative and artistic renaissance” say designers

Interest in NFTs continued this week with digital designers telling Dezeen the technology will lead to a wave of artistic innovation as creatives can sell work directly to customers.

“We’re right at the beginning of the frontier,” 3D artist Alexis Christodoulou … Read more

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How to build a garden room – everything you need to know about planning and building a room in the garden

Creating a garden room is the modern alternative to large-scale extensions, because they are less intrusive and far more affordable. Creating a separate room in the garden gives you a great getaway for work, hobbies, or just some peace and quiet. If you have questions around how to build a garden room, look no further – we have it covered.

‘If you are considering sacrificing some of your garden or outdoor space for a garden room make sure you have really considered how and when you will want to use it’ advises  Jo van Riemsdijk at Modulr Space. ‘Any garden room should be an extension of your living space as opposed to subsequent to it.’

Here’s everything you need to know about planning, costing and building the garden room of your dreams.

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What is a garden room?

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How do dwelling values compare with previous highs?

Low mortgage rates, a swift economic recovery, which has spurred consumer sentiment, and low listing volumes have catapulted national housing values to new record highs.

At the end of March, the CoreLogic national home value index increased a further 2.8%, placing values 5.6% above the previous market peak in October 2017.

The combined value of Australian dwellings hit $7.9 trillion dollars over the month, according to CoreLogic.

This cements residential property as an extremely large and important asset class.

Comparing current capital city values with previous peaks adds some perspective to the current upswing – particularly in Perth and Darwin, where values remain substantially below their record highs from 2014.

It also highlights the very different dynamics across capital cities – such as in the ACT, where dwelling values have hit a new record high every month for 19 months.

The following charts plot the change in capital city dwelling … Read more

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NFTs will usher in a "creative and artistic renaissance" say designers

The emergence of NFTs will trigger a wave of artistic innovation and allow creatives to sell avant-garde work directly to customers, according to digital designers.

“We’re right at the beginning of the frontier,” 3D artist Alexis Christodoulou told Dezeen. “This is an opportunity to create something beautiful because you’re in charge again.”

“You can directly connect with the people that consume and like your art,” added Andrés Reisinger, who auctioned off ten virtual furniture pieces as NFTs in February.

“You don’t need any middle man like a brand or gallery because we have replaced these institutions with code.”

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been in the news recently as they have been used to sell virtual artworks, fashion and entire houses.

Top: 3D renders by Andrés Reisinger have been sold as NFTs. Above: render by Alexis Christodoulou

Motion graphics artist Andreas Wannerstedt believes this will ultimately lead designers to create more … Read more

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The most dangerous room in the house for kids revealed (hint: it's not the Kitchen)

We don’t usually think of our homes as dangerous places compared to the busy and unpredictable world outside. But accidents can happen in any room, and now it seems that one room, in particular, is the number one place for incidents to occur.

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A new report by The Compensation Experts has revealed that the living room is the most dangerous place in the home for kids. This was based on a survey of 1,000 parents in the UK, with a total of 43% of parents admitting that their child has injured themselves in this room. Why is this, and what living room ideas can we use to make them safer?

The most dangerous room in the house

Image credit: Neptune

The living room was in fact closely followed by the garden, with 37% of parents saying Read more

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