[Podcast] Do you understand the Five Levels of Investing? Summer Series Podcast

Not all investors are created equal.

If you want to become a successful property investor you really need to understand the five levels of investing which is a model that I’ve designed to explain how most investors progress along their path to financial freedom.

Just to be clear, this has nothing to do with your level of income. It has a lot to do with your financial fluency and financial intelligence.

If you want to work your way up the rung of investors, you’re going to have to understand which level you’re at right now present and what you have to do to work your way up to the next level.

After today’s episode, you’ll understand more about the levels and where you fit into them.

Then after I’ve explained the five levels of investing, I’m going to share a mindset message from one of my mentors.

The Five Levels

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"Only a train would think that's a cool city layout" says commenter

In this week’s comments update, readers are discussing plans to build a linear city in Saudi Arabia and sharing their views on other top stories.

The crown prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman has unveiled plans for a 100-mile belt of zero-energy communities for a million people.

Residents would live within a five-minute walk of essential facilities and the city would have no cars or streets.

“This is a terrible idea”

Readers aren’t sold. “Imagine if your relatives live on the other end,” said Stefanos S. “Silly idea.”

“Only a train would think that’s a cool city layout,” added Zea Newland.

“The idiotic idea of linear cities comes up probably every decade – it needs to be reiterated that this is a terrible idea,” continued Gudjon Thor Erlendsson. “The transport length is extremely inefficient and this can be proven with simple modelling or mathematics. It looks cool from … Read more

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Best video doorbells 2021 – secure your home and never miss a delivery with a smart wi-fi doorbell

Ding dong, the doorbell’s dead. Long live the video doorbell! Gone are the days of guessing who’s waiting at your front door as the video doorbell pairs a camera and audio with your smartphone. That means no matter where you are, at home or away, you can see who’s at your door thanks to Wi-Fi connected smart video doorbells.

Pick the best gadgets for security, cooking, cleaning and more with our buying guides

Want to tell a delivery person where to leave a package when you’re out? Most video doorbells offer two-way chat so you can do exactly that. Or perhaps you want to let a friend know that you’re just putting the kids down for a nap and will be there soon.

These new versions of the doorbell also work as a home security system, in some cases. Many can monitor your home’s front with alerts sent to … Read more

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8 Experts share the property lessons they learned in 2020

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been involved in property, there are always lessons to learn.

That’s one of the best parts of being involved in real estate.

I’m always learning from the property markets because they are so dynamic that you never quite “solve the puzzle”, because the puzzle is always getting reshuffled in front of you right when you think you’ve got it solved.

And boy were there a lot of lessons to learn in 2020.

While some properties investors have done very well, many have not fared as well as they would have liked.

So, what lessons can we learn (or relearn) in 2020 to make our investment journey smoother in 2021.

That’s the question I posed to 8 property experts – here are their answers:

1. The only certainty is change

Kate Forbes, National Director of Property Strategy at Metropole points out that the only … Read more

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Leaf lamp by Green Furniture Concept

Dezeen Showroom: Swedish brand Green Furniture Concept has developed a pendant light that resembles a cluster of floating leaves and doubles up as a sound absorber.

The Leaf lamp is made entirely from natural materials and is designed to emulate “organic and harmonic elements found in nature”.

It features a frame made of reclaimed wooden dowels, onto which a flurry of circular, woollen panels are fixed to suggest the leaves of a tree.

Leaf lamp by Green Furniture Concept
The Leaf lamp is designed to resemble foliage

These wool appliques help to absorb sounds, while light from a warm-toned LED at the centre is gently filtered through the foliage.

The light is also available as an entire tree with a real Swedish birch trunk for a stand.

No glue is needed to hold the design together, and it can be assembled entirely at home through a simple click-together mechanism.

This allows individual parts to be exchanged … Read more

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