Alexia Audrain designs hugging chair to comfort people with autism

Graduate designer Alexia Audrain has developed a chair with cocooning, inflatable walls that helps people with autism self-soothe when they are experiencing sensory overload.

Designed to emulate the feeling of being embraced, the Oto chair and its accompanying footrest squeeze the chest and legs via blow-up modules similar to those of a blood pressure monitor.

Oto hugging chair with inflatable walls
The Oto chair features inflatable walls that hug the user

This kind of deep pressure therapy has proven beneficial for people with autism, who can struggle with processing sensory information such as noise, light or physical contact, by helping them focus on the limits of their own body.

Normally, this requires help from another person by being tightly held, hugged or pinned to the ground. But with the Oto chair, Audrain hopes to introduce a sense of agency and dignity into the process.

Wooden cocoon chair by Alexia Audrain with footrest
A corresponding footrest applies pressure to the legs

“The aim of the … Read more

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Matteo Guarnaccia designs chairs around seating habits of world's most populous countries

Sicilian designer Matteo Guarnaccia has visited the most populous countries in the world and collaborated with local makers to create a seating design in each country as part of his Cross Cultural Chairs project.

The results, which were unveiled alongside a dedicated book as part of the BASE exhibition at Milan design week, include a chair for cross-legged sitting and an uncomfortable seat inspired by the politics of Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro.

Cross Cultural Chairs exhibition by Matteo Guarnaccia at Milan design week
The Cross Cultural Chairs project was exhibited at Milan design week

Guarnaccia’s “freestyle research” project saw him spend a month in each country – visiting Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Indonesia, China, India, Russia and Nigeria – and asking the first people he encountered what they thought of as the “local chair”.

Aware of his limited perspective as “a white man raised in Europe”, he collaborated with a local designer in each location to produce a one-off design, incorporating the … Read more

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Watch our talk with Bethan Laura Wood, Sebastian Cox and Justin Zoll for No.3 Gin

Dezeen teamed up with No.3 Gin to host a live talk with photographer Justin Zoll and designers Bethan Laura Wood and Sebastian Cox about how their work uncovers beauty in unexpected places.

Titled Design, Detail and Aesthetics, the panel discussion brought together three distinct creatives working across different disciplines to create bright, beautifully crafted and visually intricate work.

Taking place at the V&A museum in London as part of the Global Design Forum series of talks during London Design Festival, the talk saw Dezeen’s chief content officer Benedict Hobson speak with Zoll, Wood and Cox about their practice and how their work reveals beauty in the everyday world and materials around us.

Portrait of photographer Justin Zoll
Justin Zoll uses a microscope to photograph objects

Zoll is a photographer from Ithaca, New York, who specialises in capturing the microscopic world using a microscope and digital camera.

Recently, Zoll has worked with No.3 Gin to create … Read more

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Stefan Scholten emphasises luxury of waste marble with The Stone House

Designer Stefan Scholten has aimed to create a sense of luxury out of waste in The Stone House, his first solo project after disbanding Scholten & Baijings.

Displayed as part of Masterly, the Dutch exhibition at Milan design week, the Stone House installation was made entirely out of waste marble and travertine sourced from quarries around Italy.

Entry to the Stone House exhibition
The Stone House exhibition evoked the idea of a house through the inclusion of domestic elements

The waste was fashioned into objects such as walls, furniture and even a stone “carpet” – enough elements to create the suggestion of a full house beyond them.

The pieces feature natural colours and patterns that are unusual for marble. Scholten intended that this element of surprise could spur viewers to see the material in a new light.

Close-up of the Stone House carpet with book-match pattern in blue and white stone
The exhibition included a “carpet” with a complicated book-match pattern

The designer is based in both Amsterdam and Carrara, … Read more

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Residence Mold Inspection For Your Well being

By comparability, poor, sandy soil with little to no natural matter would have a Cation Trade Capacity (the power to hold positively charged soil vitamins) in the range 1-four.

luxury home interior accessories

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