Hidden Art founder and "visionary" Dieneke Ferguson dies at 70

Dieneke Ferguson, the founder of Hackney non-profit and design organisation Hidden Art, has died from ovarian cancer at the age of 70.

Ferguson passed away on Monday 21 September 2020 at London’s Homerton Hospital.

Described by design writer Barbara Chandler as “visionary, endlessly resourceful, energetic, powerfully persuasive and eternally optimistic”, Ferguson was devoted to bringing the work of British creatives to a wider audience.

Dieneke Ferguson photographed by Barbara Chandler
Dieneke Ferguson was the founder of Hidden Art

Hidden Art, the non-profit she co-founded in 1993, was dedicated to supporting local design in Hackney, a borough of east London.

Her passing is mourned by many designers and creatives, who are posting tributes on Chandler’s Instagram.

“Dieneke had such a positive influence on my starting years as a designer,” said interiors designer Nick Fraser. “She created so many opportunities for designers and makers to thrive but more than this she was kind, modest and … Read more

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More spin than win – will looser lending really ignite the property market?

Some experts are calling the new simplified lending rules a huge economic game changer which will deliver benefits for everyone, but I wonder if they could be more spin than win.

It sounds fantastic in theory – a debt led recovery, with relaxed lending restrictions freeing up huge amounts of credit and supercharging our economy back into growth.

In practice, however, the change from “responsible lending” to “responsible borrowing” won’t encourage banks and other finance providers to throw open their vaults, nor do they give us any incentive to race out and apply for more credit.

People don’t borrow more to get out of trouble, they spend less

Unless there is a bright light at the end of the debt tunnel, people faced with financial hardship tend to tighten their purse strings and spend less, not borrow to spend more.

Here’s a graphic example of how this works.

googletag.cmd.push(function() {

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Studio Martin on Refined Rattan

Studio Martin on Refined Rattan

Design Eye

by Lucy Feagins, Editor

Studio Martin’s Fitzgibbon Residence, featuring the rattan  Teddy Armchair from Sika Design, available exclusively at DOMO. Photo – Martina Gemmola.

Studio Martin’s Fitzgibbon Residence, featuring the rattan  Teddy Armchair from Sika Design, available exclusively at DOMO. Photo – Martina Gemmola.

Amanda (left) and Lauren (right) of Studio Martin. Photo – Courtesy of Studio Martin.

Sika Design’s Teddy Armchair, available exclusively at DOMO.

O’Brien Real Estate foyer, designed by Studio Martin, brings together lux blue velvet and Sika Design’s Belladonna sofa, and Charlottenborg lounge chair. Photo – Martina Gemmola.

Interior Designer Amanda Martin, and her sister, Architect Lauren Martin bring a wealth of experience to their fledgling design studio, Studio Martin. Lauren completed her Masters of Architecture at RMIT, and started her Architectural career at Baldasso Cortese and later Preston Lane, working across large Education

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Commenters praise "honest and dystopian depiction" of Guangzhou Show Theatre

In this week’s comments update, readers are debating visuals of the Guangzhou Show Theatre in China and sharing their thoughts on other top stories.

Steven Chilton Architects has revealed rendered images of the Guangzhou Show Theatre, which is currently under construction in southern China.

The theatre will feature a facade directly informed by the city’s history as a key part of the Silk Road trading route as well as a 2,000-seat auditorium.

“It is truly troubling on many levels”

But commenters aren’t convinced. “There are already many germane comments about the juxtaposition between this project and the rendered immediate context,” said Spszut. “It is truly troubling on many levels.”

Stutelf agreed, asking: “Why has the visualiser placed a person with trousers made from carrier bags outside the entrance of a 2,000 seat theatre? Is it to amplify the ‘dynamism and joy’?”

Miles Teg continued: “This is a beauty that … Read more

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How many Australians own an investment property?

There is a lot of noise being bantered about regarding how much money it takes to be rich in Australia.

And there’s often fuss made about all those rich greedy property investors.

So just how many Australian households hold an investment property?

The Australian Taxation Office recently released their latest stats on property investment, so let’s see how rich property investors really are.

Here is a quick summary…

According to Corelogic:

  • There are 10.5 million dwellings in Australia with a total value of $7.1 trillion
  • There is a total of $1.85 trillion in outstanding mortgage debt.
  • 5% of Australian household wealth is held in housing

The Australian taxation office tells us that in the 2017-8 tax year (the latest statistics available)

  • There are 2,207,893 property investors in Australia
  • This means around 20% of Australian households hold an investment property and 80% don’t.
  • The top investor age groups are:
    • 83% are
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