BD Barcelona, Fredericia and Bene showcase products on Dezeen Showroom

Furniture brand BD Barcelona, Danish design brand Fredericia and office furniture brand Bene showcase products on Dezeen Showroom this week.

Furniture including lighting, tables and storage have been added to Dezeen Showroom, which is an affordable space for brands to launch products and showcase their designers and projects to Dezeen’s huge global audience.

Read on to see the latest products:

PORTS Lounge by Pearson Lloyd for Bene

PORTS Lounge by Pearson Lloyd for Bene

Office furniture brand Bene presents the PORTS Lounge chair and sofa designed by London design studio Pearson Lloyd.

The collection includes a rotating table, an acoustic partition and the Active Chair, which has a seat-tilting mechanism that allows users to tailor the chair to upright or more relaxed positions.

Find out more about PORTS Lounge ›

Monkey side table by Jaime Hayon for BD Barcelona

Monkey side table by Jaime Hayon for BD Barcelona

Furniture brand BD Barcelona showcases its Monkey side table, which has been designed … Read more

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The richest streets in Melbourne, revealed

There is no shortage of idyllic streets, extravagant properties and exclusive postcodes in Victoria’s capital.

Before Coronavirus hit our markets, Melbourne property prices were surging with dwelling values up 12% higher to reach new highs.

Melbourne housing values suffered because of its extended lockdown, which severely impacted market activity over the past three months, with CoreLogic estimates showing a 34% drop in settled sales compared with the same period a year ago.

Although median property prices don’t come close to those over in Sydney’s most elite postcodes, the Melbourne property market rebounded in November and prices have skyrocketed

​According to Corelogic, Melbourne property values climbed 0.22% in the first 12 days of November, outperforming Sydney, Brisbane & Adelaide.​

So it’s unsurprising that recent data from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has revealed there are some postcodes in Victoria’s capital where residents are among some of the wealthiest in the country.… Read more

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The Construction Specialist Turned Conceptual Sculptor!

The Construction Specialist Turned Conceptual Sculptor!

Studio Visit

Sasha Gattermayr

Some sculptures in situ. Photo – Joe Ruckli.

She uses industrial materials like concrete, paper, plaster, timber, joint finisher and even building debris to create her sculptures. Photo – Joe Ruckli.

Hailey convinced her partner to let her have the biggest room in their house (plus the adjoining sunroom!) as her home studio. Photo – Joe Ruckli.

An example of the diversity of Hailey’s forms: on the left, a tall, spindly construction, and on the right, a mounted figurine! Photo – Sarah Poulgrain.

A crowd of ever-different, small-scale sculptures. Photo – Sarah Poulgrain.

From left: Make your own sun. Photo – Hailey Atkins. Right: Soup Opera . Photo – Bridie Gillman for Stable Artspace.

At pretty much the exact time Hailey Atkins developed an interest in art, she also became a construction specialist. Her love

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Thukral & Tagra explores narratives and symbols in artwork for upcoming Rado watch

The futuristic graphics and illustrations of Thukral & Tagra will feature on a new watch for Rado, which the Indian art and design studio is currently developing with the Swiss watch brand.

To coincide with Rado Design Week on Dezeen next week, artists Jiten Thukral and Sumir Tagra will unveil the concept behind their design for a watch that offers a new perspective on time. They call it True Square Over the Abyss.

Rado True Square Over the Abyss watch by Thukral & Tagra
True Square Over the Abyss will feature overlapping dials, rather than hands, as depicted in this concept drawing

Instead of regular hands, the analogue display will be made up of two overlapping dials, allowing the wearer to think about the time in other countries around the world besides their own.

As these dials move, they will create ever-shifting patterns across the watch face. On the rear of the watch case, the pair will add an image … Read more

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Plan to abolish NSW stamp duty could create more problems than it solves

All property purchasers in NSW could soon be exempt from paying stamp duty on new property purchases under a new government proposal.

While the plan may seem like a good idea to some, I’m not really convinced it will be as widely beneficial as many people think.

What is stamp duty?

Before we discuss the proposal and it’s benefits and hindrances, let’s first clarify what stamp duty actually is.

Stamp duty is a “one off” tax imposed by state and territory governments on certain transactions.

It can vary depending on the state or territory, and may be called stamp duty, transfer duty or general duty.

When buying a property, the purchaser genrerally must pay stamp duty on the transfers of land or property to their name.

Depending on the value of the property you’re buying you could be looking at forking out tens of thousands of dollars in stamp duty … Read more

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