Can mortgage brokers get you a bigger mortgage?

Borrowing capacity is one of the first things anyone wants to know when considering a mortgage.

How much can I borrow is a top Google search term and many people tap into the online mortgage calculators to understand how much they can borrow.

However, as I’ve discussed previously, an online mortgage calculator will only give you a rough guide on your capacity.

As such, many borrowers turn to a mortgage broker to maximise the amount they can borrow, or to ensure they are getting the best home loan for themselves.

In 2019, the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia estimated that mortgage brokers claimed almost 60 per cent of the home loan market.

On average, mortgage brokers have around 34 lenders on their panel – that’s 34 different financial institutions that can lend money for a mortgage.

Each lender may offer multiple products and it’s the mortgage broker’s role … Read more

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[Podcast] Property prices can’t keep rising at the same rate they used to; with Stuart Wemyss

Property values can’t keep rising!

It’s all a Ponzi scheme and is going to come crashing down around us!

The only reason our property markets have survived COVID-19 is because of bank and government support.

That’s some of the commentary you’ll find in the media and over the internet at present and on the other hand, you’ll find many experienced property commentators saying we’re at the beginning of a new property cycle, one where property values will rise considerably.

Who is right?

Can property values keep rising, and can they rise as much as they have over the last three or four decades?

That’s the question Stuart Wemyss and I discuss today as we explain the various factors that created the significant property price growth over the last couple of decades.

However, looking forward many of those growth drivers won’t be the same. So what’s ahead for property values?

That’s … Read more

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My top insights into accelerated wealth creation

Today I wanted to share my top wealth creating insights.

Ones I learned from our premier property training event – our 5 day Wealth Retreat.

You see… 

As I start preparing the curriculum for this year’s event that will be held on the Gold Coast in June this year (this will be a great event as we missed out last year because of CoVid) I’ve been reviewing my notes from previous years and spending a lot of time chatting with past attendees of Wealth Retreat.

As I spoke to many of them I was blown away and humbled by the feedback as they explained how Wealth Retreat had changed the way they handle their investments, business and in fact many aspects of their life and how it was the best event they had ever attended.

Now that’s high praise indeed from people who are already successful property investors, … Read more

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[Podcast] Learn These Rich Habits of Successful People | Rich Habits, Poor Habits Podcast, Part 1 with Tom Corley

Have you ever wondered how certain people become so rich and successful?

Well, if you’ve been listening to my podcast or reading my blogs and my books, you’d know that rich people don’t become rich by luck or by accident.

Becoming rich requires hard work, dedication, and a certain set of habits. We are what we repeatedly do.

That means excellence isn’t an act, it’s a habit.

My friend Tom Corley spent five years studying millionaires and gathering insights that become the basis of his blogs and books, including the book we co-authored: Rich Habits, Poor Habits.

He found that people who became wealthy practiced certain habits, and that’s what we’re going to discuss today.

Since there are so many habits, we’re going to break this into a two-part series, and today we’re going to start with the first group of habits that the rich do that differentiate them … Read more

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What on earth is going on with Australian property prices?!

Our property markets are in the headlines every day, aren’t they?

While many commentators are calling our current property market a “boom”, some are already suggesting we in a “property bubble”.

Just look at how the economists from all our major banks have now done an about-face and agree that we’re in for strong property markets for the next few years.

In fact, they seem to be outdoing each other to see who can come up with the most upbeat price increase forecasts.

Six per cent gains? How about 8 per cent? No, it will be double-digit growth.

CBA suggested 16 per cent property price growth over the next two years.

Now Westpac went one better and forecast 20 per cent price growth over the next 2 years.

So to get a better understanding of what’s ahead for our property markets let’s do a little Q&A:

What’s the difference between

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