Top 6 things that make property valuable

Value… it’s such a tricky concept to unpack and define.

We all know that gold, diamonds, oil and even saffron are high-value commodities thanks to their scarcity, desirability, or the fact that we need them to go about our lives.

It’s the delicate balance between supply and demand that drives up the value of these goods – the illegal drug market is the perfect example of how a highly-coveted, yet hard-to-come-by item can become inflated several times over its original worth because if people want it badly enough, they’ll pay the price.

But what makes real estate so valuable?

We live in a country with vast expanses of space, yet we cling to the major coastal cities for dear life and treat the inner-ring suburbs of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane like hallowed turf that we can only hope to be worthy of residing on.

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The 3 Biggest Obstacles to Becoming Financially Free

What has been the single greatest obstacle stopping you from becoming financially free?

Why do I ask? 

Well…last week at a private client function I was conducting I had the good fortune to have conversations with a number of our Wealth Retreat graduates.

I was talking with them about their experiences since attending our 5-day workshop, what they had learned, what they were doing differently, and how they were leveraging the relationships they had built at Wealth Retreat.

Some interesting comments came out which I’ll share with you in a moment, but first I want to ask you that question again:

What has been the single greatest obstacle stopping you from becoming financially free?

Speaking to these Wealth Retreat graduates, here were the three main hurdles I’ve seen them face.

As you read on, see which of these three get in your way.

Maybe you’re facing more than one of … Read more

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Australian housing market reaches new peak and surpasses $8 trillion valuation

CoreLogic today announced its estimate of the total value of residential real estate in Australia has reached a new high of $8.1 trillion.

The surge in value follows the recent broad-based capital gains witnessed across the country, with many markets now at new peak levels.

CoreLogic data shows in the three months to April, national home values rose 6.8%, which is the highest quarterly dwelling growth rate since December 1988.

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“The increase in the value of residential real estate has put Australian home owners in a strong equity position, with the RBA estimating just 1.3% of housing loans to be in a negative equity position at the start of 2021.
However for many Australians looking to get a foot on the property ladder, the continued strength in the market is putting home ownership further out of reach despite record low mortgage rates. Wages growth simply isn’t keeping
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Apartments vs house: What’s the best investment in today’s market?

Is it better to invest in a house or an apartment?

That’s an age-old question, but the shift-change to a new working and home life prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic, combined with a loss of confidence thanks to some shoddy high-rise apartment buildings during the last building boom has seen investors increasingly shy away from investing in apartments.

It does seem that more investors are now asking if apartments are still a good investment in the current market?

Well…my response is… it depends.

It depends upon the location of the apartment, if it’s family-friendly or if it’s in a high-rise Lego Land building, and it depends upon the neighbourhood, the size of the apartment plus a myriad of other factors.

So I’ll first unpack the challenges the apartment market faces, what’s driving the change in sentiment from investors and what we can expect going forward.

And then finally I’ll answer … Read more

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What’s the best investment property for this new property cycle?

With our markets on the move and a new property cycle now upon us, it’s becoming apparent that more and more investors are looking for the next property “hotspot.”

The problem is, hot-spotting is about short-term speculation, not long-term wealth creation.

Most property investors are trying to build their asset base so that one day it can replace their personal exertion income.

The key to building a substantial property portfolio is to use your first property to leverage into your next property and then use those two properties to leverage into more investments, and so on.

You will only have the ability to do this if you invest in locations that consistently provide long-term capital growth.

By definition, ‘hotspots’ are not these types of areas.

Just as quickly as they heat up, property values in these locations can come off the boil and cool very quickly.

Sure many of the … Read more

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