Equitone develops facade material Lunara that "evokes the moon's cratered landscape"

Dezeen promotion: facade manufacturer Equitone has launched Lunara, a fibre cement material designed to appear like the surface of the moon.

Lunara is a high-performance material that is part of the Equitone facade range. It is the latest material to be developed by the brand and took a decade to create, review and test.

A photograph of Lunara
The material is made from cement, mineral materials and cellulose

Lunara has irregular depressions and elevations on its surface that enable the material to react to light and shadow, which is intended to create a “playful” aesthetic.

“Lunara looks like something from another world, with irregular elevations and depressions which evoke the moon’s cratered landscape,” said Equitone.

A photograph of Lunara
Lunara is a high-performance facade material

Similar to the brand’s other materials, the fibre cement panel was tailor-made in collaboration with architects via workshops and in-depth research.

“It is all-important to Equitone to involve the specifiers and artisans who … Read more

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The best Le Creuset sales ahead of Black Friday – from £13.99

Whether you’re buying new cookware in time for Christmas or stocking up whilst prices are cheap, these are the top Le Creuset sales in the UK right now. From everywhere including Amazon, Wayfair, Brand Alley and even Le Creuset direct. Just before Black Friday 2021.

Whatever you are searching for, we’ve found deals on all things from Le Creuset espresso mugs to Le Creuset casserole dishes – and everything in between. In all colours, too including the classic Volcanic Orange. Perhaps you’re buying Le Creuset for somebody else? Their kitchenware does make a lovely present idea, whether for birthdays, Christmas or as a wedding present. Just an idea.

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We’ve done the job of searching for Le Creuset offers for you, to save you scrolling through pages and pages of deals. If you’re shopping for new cookware that you want to … Read more

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Squid Game's violent contests take place in spaces designed "to trigger nostalgia"

The set designs for Netflix’s hit show Squid Game, which were informed by everything from MC Escher engravings to real children’s playgrounds, were designed “to look cute and sweet” according to the show’s director and art director.

Set in modern-day South Korea, Squid Game depicts a contest that pits down-on-their-luck citizens against each other in a series of deadly children’s games, which take place in a hidden arena on a forested island.

Squid Game Netflix big doll
An animatronic doll plays an important role in the first game

Here, the contestants compete to the death in six classic kids’ games – including Tug of War and a version of Red Light, Green Light featuring a giant animatronic doll – to win a final prize of 45.6 billion won (£28.1 million).

Many of the gaming arenas, which were built from scratch with sparing use of CGI, were designed as oversized versions of real playgrounds to make … Read more

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Narrow Hallway Ideas – 14 ways to make the most of an entranceway lacking in space

Narrow, restrictive hallways are a common problem for a lot of homes but with clever narrow hallway ideas the limited space becomes practical more than problematic.

Thoughtful styling tips, clever paint tricks and smart storage solutions can make more of a limited entranceway – tapping into its potential to be so much more.

Narrow hallway ideas to improve small spaces

‘We all live busy lives, so adding clever storage to your hallway makes it easier for everyone to make that stress-free dash out of the house,’ says Clotilde Passalacqua, Interior Design Manager at IKEA UK and Ireland. ‘As well as creating an inviting entrance to come home to’.

‘When space is tight, you need to get creative with areas of the hallway you might not usually think about’ advises Simon Glanville, managing director of A Place for Everything. He suggests smart hallway storage ideas below, all fine examples of improving … Read more

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Forest Crayons reveal the spectrum of colours within Japanese wood

Design studio Playfool has created a set of sustainable crayons made entirely from Japanese wood, which was designed to celebrate the unseen colours within a forest’s trees.

Called Forest Crayons, the project is shortlisted for this year’s Dezeen Awards in the product design category.

Japanese wood forms the crayons
Forest Crayons are made entirely from wood

The coloured crayons are triangular in shape and made entirely from wood salvaged from Japanese lumberyards.

Available in a variety of hues, from cedar and cypress to walnut and oak, the project aims to celebrate the natural pigments found in wood.

Triangular-shaped crayons
The crayons are triangular-shaped

“We started off wanting to develop a way to create with wood like never before,” Playfool founders Daniel and Saki Coppen told Dezeen.

“After discovering the under-appreciated beauty of wood’s natural hues, we were motivated to achieve our goal by transforming wood into a drawing tool.”

Finely-ground wood
Playfool experimented with grinding wood into fine powder
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