Camira, Benchmark, Pedrali and Karimoku showcase products on Dezeen Showroom

UK textile manufacturer Camira, furniture-maker Benchmark, Italian brand Pedrali and Japanese furniture brand Karimoku are among brands showcasing products on Dezeen Showroom this week.

Furniture including seating, tables and storage have been added to Dezeen Showroom, which is an affordable space for brands to launch products and showcase their designers and projects.

Read on to see the latest products:

Chair upholstered with Camira Flax fabric by Camira

Craggan Flax fabric by Camira

Craggan Flax is a highly textured sustainable fabric finish made from thickly woven wool and flax by Camira. The fabric is intended for furniture upholstery in commercial and residential interiors.

Find out more about Craggan Flax ›

KIT desk by Spacestor

KIT desk by Spacestor

KIT desk is a compact desk which can be assembled without tools in “under 20 seconds” designed by workspace furniture brand Spacestor.

The desk is designed to fold away when not in use and its lightweight frame allows for it to be … Read more

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L-shaped kitchen ideas – for a space that is practical, concise and effortlessly stylish

Choosing the right layout is key to making your kitchen space work. It may look fantastic but if it fails to function as a workspace, it’s a huge disappointment – not mention an expensive mistake. Therefore it requiress careful consideration. An L shaped kitchen layout offers lots of flexibility without feeling too enclosed.

When designing a kitchen: What not to do when choosing a new kitchen – the 9 common mistakes to avoid

L-shaped kitchen ideas

When deciding on a layout for your kitchen your choices are to a great extent dictated by the shape and size of your room, but that doesn’t mean you have to be restricted when it comes to design. Whether the space is large or small an L-shape layout works with both contemporary and traditional cabinetry, and the form is flexible enough to adapt to structural needs, such as sloping ceilings or large windows.… Read more

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[Podcast] My biggest investment mistake exposed | 3 demographic trends all property investors must understand with Pete Wargent – Summer Series

Let me ask you a question – Have you made any mistakes in your investment career?

If you’re an investor, you almost certainly have made some mistakes.

Nobody starts out as a great investor – property investment is a learned skill.

Today, I’m going to share with you one of the biggest mistakes I made early on in my investment career indisputable proof that I began life as an investment suck up.

Today’s show is part of what I’m calling the 2021 Summer Series where we replay some of the best episodes of the past.

Throughout January I’m sharing 3 shows a week with you rather than normal 2; and the reason I’m keen for you to listen to today show is because I hope you’ll learn something from the big mistake I made.

You see… I was taken in by a spruiker.

In the almost 50 years that I’ve … Read more

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TDF Talks with Plant Designer, Jenna Holmes of Plant Mama

TDF Talks with Plant Designer, Jenna Holmes of Plant Mama


by Lucy Feagins, Editor

Photo – Eve Wilson for the Design Files. Styling – Annie Portelli

Photo – Eve Wilson for the Design Files. Styling – Annie Portelli

Photo – Eve Wilson for the Design Files. Styling – Annie Portelli

Jenna Holmes is impossible to put in a box. The former P.E teacher is the founder of Plant Mama, a business that she describes as ‘curated plant chaos’! Actually, her job involves creating and maintaining lush indoor jungles for her clients, ranging from residential homes, to commercial projects for the likes of Lululemon and Google.

Jenna initially launched her plant-styling business in 2017 with a portfolio website, built using Squarespace.  Since then, she’s expanded her business to include merchandise, an online store… and wait for it – private dinner events! ‘Pasta Mama’ is the sister business to

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KIT desk by Spacestor

Dezeen Showroom: workspace furniture brand Spacestor has created a compact, foldable and portable desk called KIT, in a bid to help users work more comfortably from their own home.

KIT has a simple, cost-effective frame that can be assembled without tools “in less than 20 seconds”.

Once it is no longer needed, it can be easily folded up and placed out of sight or transported between rooms with the help of a “slot carry handle” to give users a change of scene.

An assembled KIT desk by Spacestor
Above: KIT is designed with a deliberately simple frame. Top image: it can be folded for storage or transportation

KIT is made up of a lacquered plywood top and steel frame, which according to Spacestor creates a “Californian, mid-century” aesthetic suited to a wide range of spaces.

The worktop is fitted with a built-in cupholder, phone dock and pen groove, while a bag hook is attached to the … Read more

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