Wall&decò's textured wallpapers are designed "to be explored with the hands"

Dezeen promotion: Design-led wallpaper company Wall&decò has created the Essential Wallpaper Collection, which has a range of textures, inlays, engravings and relief patterns.

Each design in the Essential Wallpaper Collection, which have been created by architect André Fu, Milan design agency Studiopepe and  Wall&Deco founder and art director Christian Benini, are united by the fact that they all share a focus on texture.

Milan-based Studiopepe designed the chevron-style Yumi wallpaper for Wall&decò

“Material research is the key to interpreting the Essential Wallpaper Collection,” said the brand.

“Since its first edition, it has been based on full collaboration with designers such as Studiopepe and Christian Benini: surfaces to be explored with the hands as well as seen, a universe of micro signs, 3D textures, inlays, engravings and light details in metal that create real bas-reliefs.”

Studiopepe also designed the brand’s Haru wallpaper, which features fan-like markings

Each of the … Read more

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Working from home? Martin Lewis says you can still claim £6 a week – here's how

Tonight on The Martin Lewis Money Show we saw how those working from home could still be owed money. Martin explains that we’re entitled to claim tax back for using our homes to work, despite returning to the office for limited days.

The money-back revelation has proved great news for anyone who’s found themselves working from home ever since the pandemic began in March. Martin has spoken about the £6-a-week claim before, but on tonight’s show he revealed the new finding, on what it means if we’re in the office back part time.

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Martin Lewis: claim tax back for home working

Image credit: Getty Images / Ben Pruchnie / Contributor

In a segment called ‘News-you-can-use’ on his award-winning ITV show the money saving expert revealed a new revelation about calming tax back while working from home, … Read more

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Property Investment: A risky business or safe as houses?

We’ve all heard the phrase “safe as houses”, and indeed, investing in real estate has long been considered a safe and secure long-term investment strategy, particularly for those who do their due diligence and locate good-quality properties in areas that are likely to grow in appeal and value.

That said, as with almost all areas of our lives, the coronavirus pandemic has entered the equation and turned everything we once knew to be true on its head.

With so much economic upheaval, together with hasty changes to legislation, which has tipped the balance of power in favour of tenants (at least during the pandemic), is real estate still a worthwhile investment?

According to property expert Michael Yardney, director of Metropole Property Strategists, the answer is a resounding yes.

Since the pandemic first began impacting our economy and way of life around six months ago, real estate values have “remained … Read more

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Announcing The Finalists For The Record-Breaking 2020 Archibald Prize

Announcing The Finalists For The Record-Breaking 2020 Archibald Prize


by Sally Tabart

‘Behrouz Boochani’ by Angus McDonald.

Left: ‘Soils for life’, Lucy Culliton. Photo – AGNSW, Jenni Carter.

Right: ‘Lucy’, Monica Rohan. Photo – AGNSW, Mim Stirling.

‘Ernest brothers’, Neil Tomkins and Digby Webster. Photo – AGNSW, Felicity Jenkins.

Left to right: ‘Jacinda’, John Ward Knox. Photo – AGNSW, Jenni Carter.

‘Carnation, lily, Yuri, rose’, Yuri Shimmyo. Photo – AGNSW, Mim Stirling.


Left:  ‘Dolly visits Indulkana’, Kaylene Whiskey. Photo – AGNSW, Mim Stirling.

Right: ‘My dad, Churchill Cann’, Charlene Carrington. Photo – AGNSW, Mim Stirling.

‘Portrait of Adam Spencer’, Samuel Rush Condon. Photo – AGNSW, Jenni Carter.

Left to right: ‘JB reading’, Guy Maestri. Photo – AGNSW, Jenni Carter.

‘Disquietude’, Melanie Gray. Photo – AGNSW, Mim Stirling.

‘Poppy Chicka’, Thea Anamara Perkins. Photo – AGNSW, Felicity Jenkins.

Left: ‘Stand strong for who you are’, Vincent Namatjira. Photo –

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Violet Zhou translates mental states into ethereal fashion collection

Rosy-hued shells of organza encase the wearer of these garments by Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) graduate Violet Zhou, which explore different states of mind experienced during personal struggles.

Inspired by her own personal experiences and “emotional turbulences”, Zhou sought to translate certain feelings into tangible products.

Her fashion collection, titled Within, comprises six looks, each representing a different stage in the process of going through and overcoming various emotional and mental challenges.

These include angry, weighed-down, wounded, sinking, numb and emerging.

Violet Zhou translates mental states into ethereal fashion collection

Designed to create a sense of “confinement”, many of the pieces literally seal their wearer inside the garment with an outer layer of fabric.

Each look progresses onto the next, until finally “emerging” from the turmoil into a lighter state of mind, where the wearer physically breaks free from the material casing.

“I wanted it to look like the model is vacuum-sealed in between two plastic sheets, … Read more

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