Property Investment: A risky business or safe as houses?

We’ve all heard the phrase “safe as houses”, and indeed, investing in real estate has long been considered a safe and secure long-term investment strategy, particularly for those who do their due diligence and locate good-quality properties in areas that are likely to grow in appeal and value.

That said, as with almost all areas of our lives, the coronavirus pandemic has entered the equation and turned everything we once knew to be true on its head.

With so much economic upheaval, together with hasty changes to legislation, which has tipped the balance of power in favour of tenants (at least during the pandemic), is real estate still a worthwhile investment?

According to property expert Michael Yardney, director of Metropole Property Strategists, the answer is a resounding yes.

Since the pandemic first began impacting our economy and way of life around six months ago, real estate values have “remained … Read more

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Announcing The Finalists For The Record-Breaking 2020 Archibald Prize

Announcing The Finalists For The Record-Breaking 2020 Archibald Prize


by Sally Tabart

‘Behrouz Boochani’ by Angus McDonald.

Left: ‘Soils for life’, Lucy Culliton. Photo – AGNSW, Jenni Carter.

Right: ‘Lucy’, Monica Rohan. Photo – AGNSW, Mim Stirling.

‘Ernest brothers’, Neil Tomkins and Digby Webster. Photo – AGNSW, Felicity Jenkins.

Left to right: ‘Jacinda’, John Ward Knox. Photo – AGNSW, Jenni Carter.

‘Carnation, lily, Yuri, rose’, Yuri Shimmyo. Photo – AGNSW, Mim Stirling.


Left:  ‘Dolly visits Indulkana’, Kaylene Whiskey. Photo – AGNSW, Mim Stirling.

Right: ‘My dad, Churchill Cann’, Charlene Carrington. Photo – AGNSW, Mim Stirling.

‘Portrait of Adam Spencer’, Samuel Rush Condon. Photo – AGNSW, Jenni Carter.

Left to right: ‘JB reading’, Guy Maestri. Photo – AGNSW, Jenni Carter.

‘Disquietude’, Melanie Gray. Photo – AGNSW, Mim Stirling.

‘Poppy Chicka’, Thea Anamara Perkins. Photo – AGNSW, Felicity Jenkins.

Left: ‘Stand strong for who you are’, Vincent Namatjira. Photo –

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How to avoid the common mistakes investors make – Trying to time the market [VIDEO]

The more you know about the most common mistakes that other property investors make, the better your likelihood of building lasting wealth.   

In this series of short videos, Brett Warren and I discuss the common mistakes we’ve seen investors make.

Today we discuss every investor’s dream of “buying low and selling high” to maximise gain.

But the reality is that you really can’t “pick the market”.

Watch as we discuss:

  • Why many investors try and time the market, wanting to buy at the bottom and sell up or refinance near the top of the property cycle
  • The concept of buying countercyclically – be greedy when others are fearful and be fearful when others are greedy
  • How some beginning investors did well over the last few years – but it was more due to luck and can’t easily be replicated
  • Rather than trying to time the market – look for good
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Create Your Own Salon Wall With These Affordable, Vintage-Inspired Artworks

Create Your Own Salon Wall With These Affordable, Vintage-Inspired Artworks


Sasha Gattermayr

One of Jono’s moodboards, featuring Tuscan Farmhouse. Photo – Nic Gossage.

A perfectly composed salon wall. Photo – Jacqui Turk.

Coastal Clifftop in situ. Photo – Nic Gossage.

Jono Fleming is never not redecorating. While pottering around during lockdown earlier this year, and invariably thinking about ways to restyle his house, he realised he wanted some small-scale, vintage artworks that wouldn’t cost him

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Who’s responsible for repairs and maintenance?

Property repairs and maintenance are a leading cause of argy-bargy between landlords and tenants (and not a lot of fun for the property manager in the middle).

Why? Because often the parties are unclear who is responsible for what.

Ask landlords, tenants and property managers what is the number one bone of contention at a rental property and chances are they’ll say repairs and maintenance.

All parties enter the ring with differing priorities.

In one corner, the tenants want everything in their home to be working and in good condition, a repair may not be considered urgent but they still want it fixed.

In the other corner is the landlord who usually needs to bear the cost of the repairs and maintenance – and, unless the repair is urgent or an emergency, will often put off the work if money is tight.

And then there’s the property manager refereeing and … Read more

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