Atang Tshikare, India Mahdavi and Nendo reinterpret Dior's Medallion chair

Seventeen designers have presented their own versions of fashion house Dior’s Medallion chair, including chairs in glass and polyurethane as well as a seat designed to also be appreciated by people with visual impairments.

On show for Maison Dior as part of Milan design week, the chairs were showcased wrapped in the mist from a smoke machine in a basement room, as well as in the garden of the 18th-century Palazzo Citterio in Milan’s Brera district.

Dior Medallion at Palazzo Citterio in Milan
Above: the 17 chairs were shown at the Palazzo Citterio. Top image: Nendo reinterpreted the chair in curved glass

The 17 designers who took part in the Dior Medallion exhibition created furniture pieces that span from true-to-form interpretations of the Medallion chair to wilder designs with intertwined legs and backrests that looked as if they had been blown back by a stiff wind.



Among the designers showcasing their chairs was Atang Tshikare, … Read more

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Ilja Schamle powers server with tomato plants in self-sustaining ecosystem

Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Ilja Schamle has replaced batteries with living plants in this self-built server system to explore how technology could enter into a symbiotic relationship with nature.

Showcased as part of the Missed Your Call graduate exhibition at Milan design week, the project sees renewable energy derived from tomato vines used to run a cloud server, while the heat generated by the computer provides optimal growing temperatures for the vegetables.

Person misting Warm Earth server system powered by tomato plants
The Warm Earth system sees tomato plants housed in a server cabinet

The self-sufficient system, dubbed Warm Earth, was designed for an apocalyptic future, in which humanity can no longer depend on power stations and must instead turn to live plants as an alternative energy source.

“Having the whole internet run on plants, it wouldn’t be possible with the way that we’re using servers right now and how much content there is,” Schamle told Dezeen.

“We wouldn’t be … Read more

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Bauhaus-informed chair and hemp vases feature in Ukurant Perspectives exhibition

Exhibition platform Ukurant has launched Perspectives, a showcase of emerging designers, in Copenhagen as part of 3 Days of Design.

Held in a high-ceilinged former library in the centre of Copenhagen, the show was curated by Ukurant founders and recent graduates Laerke Ryom, Kamma Rosa Schytte, Kasper Kyster and Josefine Krabbe Munk.

3 Days of Design exhibition
Works by 17 designers are on display at Ukurant Perspectives

Exhibition designers Frederik Gustav transformed the space, which showcases work by 17 emerging designers, to give the room the feel of a theatre.

“We see it as a technical room where we have a lot of backdrops and a lot of stage curtains that all, in different ways, set the stage for each artist and their different work,” Frederik Gustav founders Frederik Weber and Gustav Dupont explained.

Stage backdrops at Ukurant Perspectives
Stage-curtain backdrops divide the room

The designs are displayed in front of individual stage curtain backdrops, held up by blue strings … Read more

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Yinka Ilori creates 18 colourful crossings over London's streets

London-based designer Yinka Ilori is transforming 18 pedestrian crossings for this year’s London Design Festival, using vibrant bands of colour.

Ilori has replaced the usual black and white stripes on 11 colourful crossings on Tottenham Court Road in central London with bold shades of blue, orange, pink, purple and green.

The designer has also teamed up with students from University of the Arts London to design a further seven crossings for the City of London, with one set to be painted by volunteers during the festival.

Cyclist riding over Yinka Ilori crossings for Bring London Together
Ilori has created 11 colourful crossings over Tottenham Court Road

The project, called Bring London Together, is intended to bring joy to the thousands of people walking through London’s streets every day.

It follows a series of other temporary road artworks that have created in the city, by designers including Camille Walala and Eley Kishimoto.

“For me, colour and pattern have always been a … Read more

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Sou Fujimoto creates undulating virtual installation in London

Visitors to this year’s London Design Festival can use mixed-reality glasses to manipulate their walk through Medusa, a virtual installation by architect Sou Fujimoto.

Created by the Japanese architect Fujimoto in collaboration with mixed reality studio Tin Drum, the virtual structure has been installed at the V&A Museum.

Up to 50 guests at a time can put on a pair of mixed-reality glasses and explore the experimental architectural forms designed by Fujimoto.

As they move through Medusa, the dynamic structure “changes and evolves based on the movement of its admirers”.

Virtual, floating structures of Medusa
Medusa responds to the movements of its audience

“Visitors will be able to simultaneously observe this piece of virtual architecture, floating and moving inside of the space that is confined by the gallery itself,” said Yoyo Munk, Tin Drum’s chief science officer.

“The structure is observing the entire group and changing itself based on what it’s observing about the audience … Read more

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