Like new for less than £20! Old wardrobe is updated with a splash of pink furniture paint

Do you have an old wardrobe that could use some TLC? How about giving it a totally new look with a lick of paint? Let this fine example inspire your own DIY upcycling project. This wardrobe transformation is the work of Ideal Home’s Editor Heather Young who has upcycled an old family heirloom for her young daughter’s room.

A few coats of Frenchic furniture paint has totally transformed the outdated wardrobe into a vision in pretty pink.

Upcycled old wardrobe

Image credit: Heather Young

‘My mum remembers going to the furniture shop to buy this wardrobe (part of a bedroom set) with her parents when she was about five years old,’ Heather recalls.

With the wardrobe having lived in the garage for years after she inherited it, Heather felt it was time to embark on an upcycling project to give it a new lease of life – leading the way … Read more

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6 “fears” that trick us into not investing

Investing in property is a proven way for Australians to build your financial nest egg.

But if you’re apprehensive at the thought of taking that leap and borrowing six-figures (or more) to invest in property, you’re not alone.

Here are six of the most common fears that trick people into not investing: 

1. Fear or failure

If you don’t have previous experience, it’s easy to feel like investing is something you’ll never be able to achieve, and it’s true it can invite some potential disasters.

Loss in property value, inability to keep up with maintenance, the prospect of terrible tenants, and all the stress that comes with owning a property is enough to deter even the most savvy of would-be landlords.

But by having a “rainy day” financial buffer, researching your properly carefully before you decide and by getting a team of independent and unbiased advisers around you, you’ll minimise … Read more

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L-shaped kitchen ideas – for a space that is practical, concise and effortlessly stylish

Choosing the right layout is key to making your kitchen space work. It may look fantastic but if it fails to function as a workspace, it’s a huge disappointment – not mention an expensive mistake. Therefore it requiress careful consideration. An L shaped kitchen layout offers lots of flexibility without feeling too enclosed.

When designing a kitchen: What not to do when choosing a new kitchen – the 9 common mistakes to avoid

L-shaped kitchen ideas

When deciding on a layout for your kitchen your choices are to a great extent dictated by the shape and size of your room, but that doesn’t mean you have to be restricted when it comes to design. Whether the space is large or small an L-shape layout works with both contemporary and traditional cabinetry, and the form is flexible enough to adapt to structural needs, such as sloping ceilings or large windows.… Read more

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[Podcast] My biggest investment mistake exposed | 3 demographic trends all property investors must understand with Pete Wargent – Summer Series

Let me ask you a question – Have you made any mistakes in your investment career?

If you’re an investor, you almost certainly have made some mistakes.

Nobody starts out as a great investor – property investment is a learned skill.

Today, I’m going to share with you one of the biggest mistakes I made early on in my investment career indisputable proof that I began life as an investment suck up.

Today’s show is part of what I’m calling the 2021 Summer Series where we replay some of the best episodes of the past.

Throughout January I’m sharing 3 shows a week with you rather than normal 2; and the reason I’m keen for you to listen to today show is because I hope you’ll learn something from the big mistake I made.

You see… I was taken in by a spruiker.

In the almost 50 years that I’ve … Read more

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Second hand kitchens: How to buy good quality, cheap kitchen units and worktops

Buying a kitchen is never a cheap project, but by shopping for second-hand cabinets and worktops it can be considerably cheaper than you’d think. In some cases buying a second hand kitchen can offer savings of up to 70 per cent off RRP, and we’re talking big branded kitchens too.

Homeowners are often happy to buy second hand furniture, but perhaps not so sold on buying a used kitchen? The main concern, and one which we hope to overcome is the misconception that a second hand kitchen means it’s past its best. Companies such as The Used Kitchen Company and the Used Kitchen Exchange find new homes for used kitchens, from both individual homes and ex-display kitchens from showrooms.

 Take a look at all our latest kitchen ideas to help inspire your choice

It’s easy to be lured in by the promise of shiny new cabinets and clever storage solutionsRead more

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