Ceramiche Refin designs porcelain tiles that take cues from traditional frescos

Ceramiche Refin designs porcelain tiles that take cues from traditional frescos

Dezeen promotion: Italian ceramic brand Ceramiche Refin has launched a collection of porcelain tiles that reference the textured surfaces and rich colours of traditional frescos.

The collection called Affrescati is informed by the appearance of traditional Italian frescos, which refers to a mural painting technique where dry-powder pigment is painted onto wet plaster.

“The story of Affrescati started long ago, from powerful suggestions linked to the fascination of the frescos of Pompeii to the colours of the Amalfi Cathedral and the starry vault of the Scrovegni Chapel,” said Ceramiche Refin.

Giotto star-shaped decorations
Giotto star-shaped decorations are available to embellish the tiles

In the making of the Affrescati collection, Ceramiche Refin’s design team replicated authentic fresco paintings in its laboratory using traditional pigments and lime.

The team studied fresco’s heritage and artistry then “brought it back to life” in a ceramic tile. The result is a tile with an almost three-dimensional surface, where the fresco characteristics were replicated with “every detail, to value all the charm of a millenarian heritage”.

“This craft-based approach is the result of experiments conducted in our lab which, backed by impressive production expertise and state-of-the-art technologies, translates its creativity to an exclusive ceramic tile product,” said Ceramiche Refin.

Tiles informed by frescos
The Affrescati collection is informed by traditional frescos

The Affrescati collection is available in five different colours and four sizes. Each colour option combines swirling shades of porcelain that take cues from the pigments used in traditional frescos.

Ombra is a shadow-like mix of greys, while Lapis features moody shades of blue.

Ocra uses various yellow and cream tones, which contrasts with Calce, an eclectic combination of white tones. Finally, Terra is a warm, neutral mix of sienna and burnt earth.

Affrescati textured tiles
Although smooth porcelain, the tiles have the appearance of textured paint

The collection is also informed by the textured appearance of frescos, which are defined by spatula marks and imperfections.

However, Affrescati tiles are finished in smooth porcelain that gives them a modern twist, which also makes the tiles suitable for both wall and floor coverage.

“The colours take on a particular ‘vintage’ appearance emphasised by signs and marks: a distinguishing feature due to the reaction between the lime of the background and the pigments utilised, which attenuates the colours and makes it possible to obtain a symphony of hues, with a gently dilapidated result,” said the brand.

There are five colours to choose from in the latest range

“The multifaceted qualities of stoneware have made it possible, for the first time, to convey the charm of the fresco to floors,” said Ceramiche Refin.

Each coloured tile in the collection can also be adorned with Giotto star-shapes, which refers to the Florentine painter and architect Giotto di Bondone’s comet-like stars found across his murals.

To view more about the Affrescati collection visit Ceramiche Refin’s website.

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