Christmas tree ideas to inspire this year's festive decorating scheme

Christmas tree ideas to inspire this year's festive decorating scheme

The Christmas tree is the main ingredient of any seasonal decorating scheme, setting the tone for the rest of the Christmas decor throughout the house. Given such importance it is only right you’ll be looking to explore the latest Christmas ideas to choose a tree scheme to up the ante this year.

While you may not be looking to buy all new decorations, adding a few on-trend styling twists can update your decorating approach. Refreshing the way you decorate the Christmas tree prevents it feeling the same as previous years.

Christmas tree ideas for 2021

Whether you choose a real Norwegian spruce or one of the best artificial Christmas trees on the market, how you decorate your tree will determine how you home throughout the festive season.

1. Keep it simple for a Scandi scheme

Image credit: Habitat

To adopt the effortlessly Scandi vibe for a Christmas tree stick to just one colour, for all decorations. From baubles to garlands, a soft colour palette from head to toe keeps the tree well-dressed but in stylishly subtle way.

This idea is perfect for a paired back interior that celebrates the subtle beauty of natural materials, such as wood and wicker, and muted tones.

2. Dress the tree with flowers


Image credit: Future/ Dominic Blackmore

A growing trend, seen more and more in recent years, is the use of fresh flowers for decorating Christmas trees. In this elegant dining room the homeowner has used cut hydrangea heads throughout the decorating scheme to introduce real foliage and a welcome burst of contrasting pink.

If using real flowers we recommend placing them round the front so they are easily accessible, cut the ends every few days and dip them in warm water to allow them to drink – before drying them and placing them back on the tree.

Go one step further still and incorporate the real flowers into mantelpiece garlands and table flower arrangements.

2. Coordinate the colour scheme

Christmas tree with blue baubles

Image credit: Brent Darby

Make your Christmas tree idea blend seamlessly into your living room colour scheme by coordinating colours throughout. From baubles in the same striking shade as the walls to ornaments in bright hues that match the accessories, in this case the teal silk lampshade!

A well colour coordinated tree colour scheme creates a beautifully cohesive look, that feels both sophisticated and well styled.

3. Create a nostalgic look with heirloom baubles

Green panelled living room with rosted woodland Christmas tree

Image credit Future

Even a modern frosted Norwegian spruce can feel timelessly classic thanks to a collection of heirloom baubles. Choose an eclectic mix of glass ornaments to add character and plain coloured baubles to inject accent shades to invigorate the scheme.

Mixing styles help to give this look a more nostalgic feel, where new treasured baubles are added to become future heirlooms.

4. Go for traditional colours

Living room with traditional decorated Christmas tree

Image credit: Wilko

Celebrate the classic Christmas decorating scheme of red and green, to give your tree traditional appeal. Country-style checks and tartans are a fun way to add colour and pattern to a tree. Add warm fairy lights to enhance the cosy, country appeal of this look.

5. Mix white and pastels for an ethereal look

Dark blue living room with green Christmas with white and pastel decorations

Image credit: Future

Combining softs shades of white, pastel pink, mint green and matt silver helps to create a dreamy colour scheme that feels ethereal. Paired with frosted foliage and muted eucalyptus green this style of decorating is ideal for those who want a softer look for their seasonal decorations.

A muted colour scheme suits all living room looks too, either blending in with a neutral colour palette or standing out against darker on-trend paint shades.

6. Dress every branch with lights

Navy blue living room with real Christmas

Image credit: Future PLC

When it comes to lights on a Christmas tree, there are a wealth of looks you can achieve – dependant on how many lights you choose. For a more impactful approach to lights opt for a higher number of bulbs – look for at least 200 lights, depending on the height of your tree. Twist the lights around each prominent branch, covering entirely from the centre to the outer tip.

This idea makes more of the lights for decorating the tree, leaving a gentle smattering of baubles to add a decorative finishing touch but allowing the lights to ‘shine’ as the star of the tree decorations.

7. Play with scale to balance one style of bauble

Christmas living room with green sofa

Image credit: Future/ Dan Duchars

Create a stylish decorating scheme using simple but thoughtful bauble placements. Choose one style, whichever suits your personal tastes, and play with scale to keep the decorating scheme feeling fun and playful. Dress the tree from top to bottom with one style of bauble in two different sizes, medium and large.

Ensure you distribute the different sizes evenly throughout the tree. Top tip: step back often, to get a better overall perspective as you decorate the tree.

8. Hang floral stems

a christmas tree with all white decor in a living room

Image credit: Future/ Clare Richardson

Another floral idea is using single stems to make a statement on the tree. This homeowner has used slim vases to hang roses on the tree. Either tend to the stems each day to recut the ends and dip in hot water to give them a drink each day.

Or keep them around the front of the tree with very minimal water in the vase, taking extreme care not to allow water anywhere near electrics.

9. Stick to a combination

christmas tree in the living room

Image credit: Future PLC/ Jeremy Phillips

Choose to keep your Christmas tree limited by mixing just two decorations, to create a captivating combo. This homeowner has decide on a solid block rose decoration in a blush pink paired with crystal-like crown ornaments.

Both decorations are generous in size but thanks to the understated materials and colours they don’t overwhelm the tree.

Add warmth with metallics

Neutral living with open fire and lit Christmas tree

Image credit: Future/ Dominic Blackmore

Decorating a tree with warming metallic decorations and warm fairy lights will set the scene for cosy ambience. The tone of the lights is so hugely important when it comes to how the tree decorations looks. Cold white or blue lights will make the tree feel more contemporary and vibrant, while the more copper tones will emit a warmer glow – changing the look entirely.

Adding bronze, gold and rose gold metallic decorations goes a long way to enhance the warmth of the Christmas decorating scheme to make the room feel cosy and inviting.

11. Up the scale to make a style statement

large Christmas baubles

Image credit: Future/ Simon Whitmore

Last year saw a real trend for BIG baubles, the bigger the better. We therefore predict a trend for upscaling decorations this year.

This tree use the same red, classic bauble design in a gradient of size from top to bottom – creating a style statement without having to be OTT with trimmings and multiple colours.

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