Commenters praise "honest and dystopian depiction" of Guangzhou Show Theatre

Commenters praise "honest and dystopian depiction" of Guangzhou Show Theatre

In this week’s comments update, readers are debating visuals of the Guangzhou Show Theatre in China and sharing their thoughts on other top stories.

Steven Chilton Architects has revealed rendered images of the Guangzhou Show Theatre, which is currently under construction in southern China.

The theatre will feature a facade directly informed by the city’s history as a key part of the Silk Road trading route as well as a 2,000-seat auditorium.

“It is truly troubling on many levels”

But commenters aren’t convinced. “There are already many germane comments about the juxtaposition between this project and the rendered immediate context,” said Spszut. “It is truly troubling on many levels.”

Stutelf agreed, asking: “Why has the visualiser placed a person with trousers made from carrier bags outside the entrance of a 2,000 seat theatre? Is it to amplify the ‘dynamism and joy’?”

Miles Teg continued: “This is a beauty that is for sure. But the photo with the garbage pile summarises its relation to its surroundings better than any critic could.”

“Love the honest and somewhat dystopian depictions of the theatre,” said Martin Ljungman, on the other hand. “Something else instead of all the sunny and happy architecture renderings, with young and healthy families enjoying the surroundings. Big thumbs up!”

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Choupette models the Swing hammock bed by LucyBalu
Karl Lagerfeld’s pet Choupette collaborates with LucyBalu on Swing cat bed

“Choupette is cute as heck” says commenter

Readers are amused by a collaboration between animal furniture design company LucyBalu and Choupette, the cat who belonged to late fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. They have released a cat bed called Swing.

“I mean, there are people dying in the world,” said a dismayed Heywood Floyd.

“This is silly,” agreed Spoo. “But that does not alter the fact that Choupette is cute as heck.”

“They should have gone full satire and claimed the cat herself designed this swing,” concluded Zea Newland. “Working for cats can be very demanding. It’s a problematic working environment and a lot of catnip abuse is happening but the products being built are purrfect and just worth the hissle.”

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Exterior of Axel Springer building by OMA in Berlin, Germany
Faceted glass atrium bisects OMA’s Axel Springer building in Berlin

“That’s a facade only a mother could love” says reader

The Axel Springer building in Berlin by OMA has divided commenters thanks to its unusual exterior.

“Amazing photos,” said Dezeen Top Fan, on one hand. “I’m glad to see this masterpiece finally completed!”

Erich Trumpelstiltskin disagreed: “That’s a facade only a mother could love.”

“I’ve concluded that I lack the vision to parse this,” replied JZ. “In 20 years, my pea-brain will catch up and realize how forward thinking it was. Right? Guys?”

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Netha Goldberg's Netina shoes feature attachments for tampons and matches
Netha Goldberg designs shoes with attachments for tampons and matches

“Where are the shoes to hold my lunch?” asks commenter

Readers are baffled by Netha Goldberg’s design for shoes, which can carry tampons, matches and charging ports so the wearer can easily access the items themselves or share them with others.

“Where are the shoes to hold my lunch?” asked Egad.

“We thought the future would bring us flying cars and hover boards,” continued Bobby Dazzler. “How wrong we were.”

Anne Christiansen wasn’t impressed: “Not only are these ridiculous but the timing is terrible too. You really want to promote a product encouraging social interaction during a pandemic? Plus I hate to see what those tampon shoes do after the first step in a puddle.”

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