Craggan Flax fabric by Camira

Craggan Flax fabric by Camira

Dezeen Showroom: UK textile manufacturer Camira has launched a sustainable fabric finish called Craggan Flax that is made from thickly woven wool and flax for a highly textured finish.

Craggan Flax will replace Camira‘s classic Craggan material, which was made purely from wool and has since been phased out.

Six styles of the Camira Flax fabric by Camira
Above: Craggan Flax is made from wool and flax. Top image: it is intended for furniture upholstery

The addition of flax fibres offers a more textured, natural-looking finish to the fabric and illustrates the company’s commitment to developing textiles from sustainable materials.

“Deeply textured and thickly woven, this eco-friendly fabric retains the raw appeal of its natural composition whilst possessing the contemporary aesthetic and stylised texture of a chunky weave,” Camira explained.

A chair upholstered with Camira Flax fabric by Camira
The fabric is highly textured because of its wool and flax composition

Craggan Flax is available in 15 shades, ranging from bright blue and bold mustard hues to more neutral shades that mimic rugged natural landscapes.

The fabric can be used to upholster furniture in both commercial and residential settings.

“We’ve worked hard to ensure Craggan Flax is the perfect fit for contemporary commercial and residential interiors in both its high-performance composition and expanded colour palette,” said Camira’s head of creative Lynn Kingdon.

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