Designers reveal the 3 interior trends we all need to know about this season

Designers reveal the 3 interior trends we all need to know about this season

There are three key trends set to dominate the world of interiors this autumn, and beyond. Alongside the usual seasonal home staples, the design trends to look out for are Cottagecore, Japandi, and Biophilic Design.

More than just decorating practices these top three interior trends are more a way of life, like that of Hygge and Lagom.

Lucy Ackroyd, head of design at Christy provides insight into each trend of the key trends – with ideas on how to create the look in our own homes.

Top interior trends for autumn 2020

1. Cottagecore

The Cottagecore trend started to sweep social media over the last few months, amassing some 661,000 hashtags on Instagram. As lockdown forced us to reevaluate what’s really important to us, we’ve seen a shift towards embracing a simpler, slower way of life. Giving this wholesome trend more appeal than ever.

But what exactly is ‘Cottagecore’? ‘In the home, this trend is all about creating a wholesome, pastoral, rural vibe’ explains Lucy. ‘Whether you live in a chocolate box country cottage or a high rise apartment.’

Image credit: Jon Day

‘You want the home to feel inviting and charming. Using warm whites, pale pinks and duck egg blues on the walls will create the perfect backdrop. Layer this with prairie-esque touches, botanical prints and feminine fabrics to create the nostalgic, romantic look of an idyllic English country cottage.

Lucy goes on to suggest, ‘To create a rustic aesthetic without painting walls, use soft pastels and muted tones in your home accessories. Whilst combining a mix of textures to give a super cosy feel. In the bedroom, layer high quality bed linen in neutral shades, with thick woven wool blankets, finishing off with some pastoral print cushions and plenty of candles for that soft, warm glow.’

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Are you a fan of quite mornings alone? Or are you a people person right away!? 😂 What kind of human are you!!? I woke up with the hubby this morning as he headed off to work. Once he walked out the door it was time for a bit of quite before all the kids wake up. Having these moments of complete quite, no dogs, no kids, no husband are sooo rewarding. Don’t get me wrong I love my family more than words can say but, as I grow older I find so much value in a moment of silence. A moment where I can intentionally say a prayer of thankfulness, a moment to soak in that morning sun, a moment to clear yesterday’s chaos and plan goals for the day. I find moments like this to be oh so important.

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2. Japandi

It’s not an entirely new trend, but it’s one that is set to really come into it’s own this season. The Japandi trend is a hybrid of Japanese and Scandinavian style. It is currently enjoying a resurgence, with searches for ‘Feng Shui’ increasing by 137 per cent.

Japandi bedroom

Image credit: Katya De Grunwald

‘This trend feels very relevant again now,’ says Lucy. ‘As we all need to bring some calm and mindfulness into our immediate environment. There’s no better time than Autumn to focus on carving out a little slice of zen for ourselves as we head towards the festive period.’

‘Combining the content and cosy feel of Scandinavain hygge, with the Japanese foundations of feng shui and minimalism. This trend strikes the perfect balance between cosy, home comforts and fresh, modern style.’

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‘To get the look in your own home, opt for natural materials and clean lines’ Lucy suggests. ‘Contrast is a key element of this trend, try mixing a simple Japanese-style bed in a light wood, with bountiful throw pillows and cosy blankets to combine these two styles in an Autumn-appropriate way.’

3. Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is based on the connection between nature and the environment. There has never a better time for this with trend to shine. Numerous studies prove the positive effect nature can have on our wellbeing – something we all need more than ever this year.

‘The most prominent feature of this trend is lots and lots and lots of plants in the home’ says Lucy. ‘From tiny cacti, to huge monstera plants, the ethos of Biophilic Design is the more, the better.’

green living room with green cabinet and plants

Image credit: Simon Whitmore

Tash Bradley, colour expert at Lick Home supports this trend increase – commenting on the increased interest in green paint of recent. She adds. ‘Without doubt, Green is the one topping Lick’s colour charts at the moment. Our Green 01 shade in particular. Customers are looking for the cocooning, soothing effect of this shade – just when we all need it most in our lives.’

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‘This trend is currently booming, with searches for ‘indoor microgreens’ up 223 per cent and ‘bring outdoors inside’ up 108 per cent. With very good reason. Not only are plants aesthetically pleasing, they also purify the air, release natural oils and even lower stress levels!’.

‘To complement all the foliage of this trend, opt for soft furnishings, artwork, and wallpapers that mirror the leafy prints. Set this off with accents, such as vases, shelving, and coffee tables, in natural materials like wood, clay, cork and rattan.’

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The searches stated are featured on the Pinterest 100 research.

Which of the three trends is preferable for your home?

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