Elipse outdoor light by Josep Lluís Xuclà for Marset

Elipse outdoor light by Josep Lluís Xuclà for Marset

Dezeen Showroom: Spanish designer Josep Lluís Xuclà has designed a “magical” outdoor light for Marset, which creates the illusion of floating and glowing from within.

Called Elipse, it consists of a simple aluminium tube that is cut open on both sides, allowing light to spill out.

A completely white interior amplifies the light of the LED within and eclipses its source, making it seem as if the lamp was shining of its own accord.

Elipse exterior floor light by Josep Lluís Xuclà for Marset
Elipse features a reflective base and white interior

At the base, a reflective screen projects light back out, making the Elipse appear to be hovering a few centimetres above the ground.

“My philosophy is always to create a light that has a magical element, in which you don’t know exactly where the light comes from,”  said Xuclà. “Since the light is somehow ‘hidden’ it can surprise the user and that is precisely what adds the most value.”

Elipse is available in two heights and a graphite grey or brown finish, allowing it to blend easily into different exteriors.

Elipse exterior wall light by by Josep Lluís Xuclà for Marset
The light is also available as an exterior sconce

It also comes as a sconce, which can be mounted to walls or facades and used to emphasise different architectural features.

According to Xuclà, the diagonal cut that runs along the top of the aluminium tube gives the light a sculptural quality even when it is not in use.

“Apart from being an outdoor lamp with an upward-focused light, it’s also a design object in its own right, formally relevant during the day and giving off a special lighting effect at night,” he said.

Product: Elipse outdoor light
Designer: Josep Lluís Xuclà
Brand: Marset
Contact: [email protected]

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