Encore Table Light by Sam Gwilt for Gantri

Encore Table Light by Sam Gwilt for Gantri

Dezeen Showroom: Sam Gwilt’s Encore Table Light, designed for lighting manufacturer Gantri, was informed by the organic ripples made by curtains.

Encore‘s design nods to the role that curtains play in how we experience light, whether that is in a home or somewhere like the theatre, where they simultaneously obscure the scene and raise anticipation.

Encore Table Light by Sam Gwilt for Gantri
The versatile Encore Table Light can be a bedside lamp

In Gwilt‘s table lamp, the light source is similarly concealed by its curtain-like shade, which creates an indirect, intimate light. A double-exposed diffuser makes it suited to different uses, from a desk lamp to a reading light.

Set on a cylindrical base, the lampshade features a decorative ripple-effect that emulates the way fabric drapes and creates the illusion of movement.

“Encore explores how static products can stop a moment in time while simulating motion,” said the British industrial designer.

Encore Table Light by Sam Gwilt for Gantri
It comes in three muted hues

The light is 3D-printed from Gantri Plant Polymers, a bioplastic derived from sugar crops that was developed specifically for lighting products.

It comes painted in three warm hues – Canyon, Stone and Coral – and follow in the footsteps of the Weight Table Light, which Gwilt designed for Gantri in 2019.

Product: Encore Table Light
Designer: Sam Gwilt
Brand: Gantri
Contact: [email protected]

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