Experts reveal the best time of year to buy a mattress and other home buys for serious savings

Experts reveal the best time of year to buy a mattress and other home buys for serious savings

Kitting out a home can be an expensive job, however, if you time your shopping trip well you can swipe up some killer bargains. To help you plan your shopping schedule a group of experts have revealed the best time to buy a mattress and other big-ticket items.

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From mattresses to a new home, watch and sunglasses specialist Tic Watches have rounded up experts to reveal the peak time shoppers are searching for which products. And the time you should actually be looking to snag a deal.

Best time to buy…

Best time to buy a mattress – April

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‘Retailers tend to release their new lineups in April, so early spring is the best time to find the biggest discounts,’ Dale Gillespie, Marketing Director for bed and mattress retailer at Bed SOS. ‘Buying in early April, you’ll find some great value deals as retailers clear old stock to make way for the new ranges.’

Best time to buy a new Home – August / September

‘The best time to buy is August or September,’ says Ross Counsell, Director of property firm Good Move. ‘The majority of buyers start searching at the beginning of the year, waiting until the end of summer. When there are fewer looking, you’ll have less competition.’

‘You’re also more likely to get a better deal, as with fewer offers on the table sellers may well be more likely to accept a lower price.’

Best time to buy furniture – July

Best to time to buy a mattress 1

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The peak search time for new furniture is April. So if you are looking to snap up a deal steer clear of springtime. Summer is the best time to look for a bargain as furniture sales decrease as people go on holiday and new lines are launched in store in August.

Best time to buy home appliances – October

Many manufacturers will be unveiling new product models in October, so older products will be discontinued. Shopping during this window for products such as a fridge could save you 44 per cent.

Best time to buy technology – November

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‘Without a doubt, November is the best month to get deals, particularly on tech,’ says Claire Roach at Money Saving Central. ‘A lot of people make the mistake of waiting for Black Friday – when the better deals are likely to be earlier on in November because retailers try to compete with Black Friday giant, Amazon.’

‘EBay, in particular, was 2019’s best place for tech deals, and the people who waited until further on in the month were left disappointed,’ she adds. ‘Prices weren’t any better and stock was limited on highly sought after items such as the Nintendo Switch.’

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Start marking up your calendar to score some bargains.

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