Flexform celebrates 20th anniversary of Groundpiece sofa by Antonio Citterio

Flexform celebrates 20th anniversary of Groundpiece sofa by Antonio Citterio

Dezeen promotion: designer Antonio Citterio marks 20 years of his Groundpiece sofa for Italian furniture brand Flexform, with an interview explaining its innovations and “connection with the world of art”.

The best-selling Groundpiece sofa was designed by Citterio for Flexform in 2001, and includes several innovations to this furniture typology that remain modern.

Groundpiece sofa
Antonio Citterio’s Groundpiece sofa is celebrating its 20th anniversary

In the interview to celebrate the anniversary, the Italian designer revealed that he was surprised by the product’s success given its simplicity.

“When we made Groundpiece, it seemed to us that we were making a project with impressive content but that would not have sold because it was so simple, so non-traditional,” said Citterio.

“But we made it anyway. Because it seemed exciting to us to experiment with this marriage between art and a cushion, which is not exactly the most obvious marriage.”

Groundpiece sofa
The Groundpiece sofa has been used in several residential interiors all over the world, like this private house in Switzerland. Photograph by Sandro Diener, courtesy Meier Architekten Zürich

One of the design’s unique features is the introduction of optional storage solutions in place of the padded and upholstered armrests.

These cowhide-clad metal consoles allow for books and other small items items to be placed on view and in easy reach of the sitter.

“We innovate and this way of working of ours is what leads to extraordinary products,” Citterio said.

Groundpiece sofa
The sofa at the centre of a living space at a private penthouse in Seville, Spain. Photo by Fernando Alda, courtesy Francesc Rifé Studio

The Groundpiece sofa has low and deep proportions, with ample-sized goose-down cushions to create a more relaxed approach to seating.

Padded elements can be personalised with a variety of fabrics, and are available filled with Dacron polyester fabric in a premium version.

Citterio explained that he intended the design to act as a centrepiece, like an artwork, around which other furniture and decor could be arranged to make a cosy and inviting living space.

Groundpiece sofa
This private villa in Mallorca also features a Groundpiece sofa. Photo courtesy Terraza Balear – Interior Design Projects

“It’s called Groundpiece because, there is, in fact, a connection with the world of art,” he said. “It was perhaps one of the most innovative pieces: a soft surface in the centre of a space.”

Sofas and living room items are at the core of Flexform’s international business, but the home furnishings range also extends to the dining room and bedroom. Like with Groundpiece, the company’s aim is to manufacture elegant, subtle and high-quality products that stand the test of time.

For more information about Groundpiece and to watch the full video interview with Citterio, visit the Flexform website.

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