Get organised The Home Edit way with Amazon's best-selling clear storage deals

Get organised The Home Edit way with Amazon's best-selling clear storage deals

Storage solutions, we can never get enough of them right?! While most of us dream of neatly stacked and organised cupboards, the reality is often jumbled piles. Don’t despair though, as we’ve discovered plenty of storage saviours on Amazon Prime Day discounts. These Amazon clear storage deals are not to be missed if you are keen to bring order to the hidden depths of your cupboards!

If, like me, you’ve recently become obsessed by clutter-busting duo The Home Edit who have their built their storage eye-candy business through Instagram and more recently the hit Netflix show, then you’ll know it’s all about clear storage solutions. From kitchen cupboard and larder storage, to shelving and the garage or loft – seeing is believing!

Amazon clear storage deals

Makeup Organiser: was £29.99, now £15.99

The Lazy Susan of the dressing table, there’s no need to be rummaging through drawers to find your favourite lipstick with this tidy idea. The 360 degree rotating layered display means everything is at easy reach.  You can even micro-organise products into categories, such as perfumes, nail varnishes and skincare.  The price has been slashed by 47{c8b66c61d036f6ef577ebb4000d6f98acefd4039e69613ab9f29a3541d0a44dc}.

View deal: Makeup Organiser, was £29.99, now £15.99

Air Tight Food Storage Container Set: was £19.99, now £13.58

You’ll save – £6.41, or 32{c8b66c61d036f6ef577ebb4000d6f98acefd4039e69613ab9f29a3541d0a44dc} to be exact – on these pantry storage containers. However, you don’t need a utility room or separate larder to enjoy the benefits of these air tight pots. If your cupboards are at bursting point, you can decant dried food into these containers. Rather than ugly packaging messing with your colour scheme, these matching smart storage pots will sit on open shelving or worktops. With free chalkboard labels and marker included.

View deal: Air Tight Food Storage Container set: was £19.99 now £13.58

iDesign Storage Box With Handles: was £13.99, now £11.19


The Home Edit team re-organised Desperate Housewives star, Eva Longoria home. They used the clear boxes, just like below, to separate all the items on her sons’ shelves. Not only does it make everything easy to see, it also speeds up the process of putting items away, as you can instantly see where things need to go. As children grow up, it also means they can easily pick up and learn these good habits.

They are also perfect for organising inside the fridge and in the kitchen too. Not only does it give that easy-reach solution, it only takes a quick glance to see when things are running low, and again, it gets kids in the good habit or being able to find and get their snacks.

The 20{c8b66c61d036f6ef577ebb4000d6f98acefd4039e69613ab9f29a3541d0a44dc} discount is applied at the checkout.

View deal: iDesign Storage Box With Handles, was £13.99, now £11.19

Iris Stack And Pull Storage Box, set of 3: was £21.99, now £16.99

Not as pretty but very practical, the stackable, lidded storage boxes are a sturdy, long lasting alternative to cardboard. They will withstand being opened and pulled in and out endlessly.

Great for storing clothes, delicate items or Christmas decorations in the loft, with sealed lids keeps items protected from dust and damage. If you have a garage or shed you can’t hardly bear to face, these boxes will help get everything back in order. 


View deal: Iris Stack And Pull Storage Box, set of 3: was £19.99 now £13.58

So, it seems like re-ordering items into transparent storage is the answer, who knew! So simple, check out the deals on Amazon Prime Day Clear Storage Deals 

Happy organising!

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