How to fold napkins for Christmas – ideas for festive napkins for your table

How to fold napkins for Christmas – ideas for festive napkins for your table

Popping napkins on the table is one of those jobs that usually gets left to the last minute. But an unceremonial dumping of your ‘serviettes’ can be enough to spoil the look of an otherwise beautiful tablescape. Our ideas for how to fold napkins for Christmas, can make a simple but effective difference.

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Where or not you have napkin rings to hand, all our looks are easily achievable. Just substitute for twine, or even foliage cut from the garden, if you’re looking for a way to secure your napkins in place. And get the kids to help. It’s one more thing to keep them busy before you-know-who arrives…

1. Fold and tie

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Fold larger napkins so they’ll sit neatly on the plate. The easiest way is to fold top to botton corners, then left to right. Repeat the left to right fold again for particularly large, and rectangular napkins.

Secure with twine, but don’t tie so tight that your guests can’t release the napkin to lay it on their laps!

2. Let it lie

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This isn’t an easy one to pull off without looking messy. But if you are working with linen napkins, artfully draping them over the plate can look stunning. A carefully placed table marker and decoration will help things look more deliberate.

3. Make a point

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You’ll need a large square napkin to create this look. It’s a lot like making a paper plane. With the napkin in front of you take the bottom right corner, and using the bottom left corner as a pivot, rollercoaster the napkin until you reach the bottom left-to-top right diagonal.

Do the same from the top left corner, rolling down. Secure the napkin in place with an elastic band to make things less fiddly, then tie with twine and remove the band.

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4. Pinch and pull

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This is an easy one. Using thumb and forefinger, pinch the centre of your napkin, then pull it through a napkin ring. It couldn’t be simpler.

5. Go geometric

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Take a small square napkin, or a large square folded top to bottom, then left to right. Turn it towards you to form a diagonal, then tuck the left and right corners under to create this neat shape, which shows off any monogram or subtle motif beautifully.

6. Hit the peak

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7. Roll with it

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Fold your napkin in half and the half again, and roll left to right for a neat look.

8. Serve together

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Rather than place them on each place setting, pop them in a mason jar, enamel mug or small pot for an informal buffet-style meal.

9. Tuck it under

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Take a large napkin and fold it in half. Turn so the folded edge is at bottom.

Now imagine three vertical lines are splitting the napkin evenly. Fold the right side of the napkin to the imaginary line to the left. Then fold the left edge across to form a rectangle. Flip the napkin over and weigh down with flowers or cutlery.

10. Form a triangle

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With small – and paper – napkins, this simple arrangement just involves taking top right corner down to the bottom left. If your napkin is lightweight, weight down with a sprig of holly and berries to stop it from fluttering away.

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Merry Christmas everyone!

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