How to make a table planter – build your own planter to grow herbs

How to make a table planter – build your own planter to grow herbs

With the unpredictability of the British summer, most of us grab every opportunity to head outside for an alfresco supper, and barbecues are the perfect excuse to gather friends and family.

Give your existing garden table a whole new lease of life by jazzing it up with this painted planter project. You’ll always have fresh herbs an arm’s length away for whatever dish is on the menu.

This weekend DIY and decorating job is perfect for embracing the grow your own gardening trend. While proving the perfect place to entertain friends and family.

Make your own built-in table planter

Image credit: Cuprinol

Resist the temptation to throw old garden furniture away and give it a revamp instead. Expert Marianne Shillingford from Cuprinol shows us how to achieve this fab garden table refresh.

What you will need:

  • Wooden garden table
  • Sandpaper
  •  Masking tape
  •  Small roller and tray
  •  Paintbrush
  • Cuprinol Garden Shades paint
  • Window box (same width as table)
  •  3 fixing brackets and screws
  •  Screwdriver
  • Selection of fresh herbs and colourful plants

Step 1: Prepare your table

If your garden table has previously been painted or varnished, remove any old flakes by rubbing down with sandpaper, then wipe with a damp cloth. Treat with a primer, if desired, and leave to dry.

Step 2: Begin painting

Mask off a strip down the centre of the table. Paint in the central panel with a small paint roller and tray, using your favourite garden-paint shade. Go as bold as you like! Add a second coat once dry.

Step 3: Prepare the window box

Sand and treat your wooden window box in the same way as the table to protect the wood against weather damage. Focus on any rough edges to prevent splinters. Then prettify the box with several coats of the same garden paint. Leave to dry in a well ventilated area.

Image credit: Cuprinol

Step 4: Fix the box to the table

Attach the brackets equal distance apart on one side of the box. Use a screwdriver to securely attach the container to the underside of the table at one end.

Step 5: Plant with herbs Once fixed

Fill your box with soil and plant with a selection of fragrant herbs. You can also add your favourite plants or flowers to introduce even more colour.

This brilliant budget garden idea will boost your outdoor space without breaking the bank! A win win in our eyes.

Happy planting, then feasting all.

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