Looking for a new TV? Steer clear of this size or risk wasting your money

Looking for a new TV? Steer clear of this size or risk wasting your money

The TV sets in our home seem to be getting bigger and bigger. However, if you’re looking for a more modest TV set purchasing a 32 inch TV could be a big mistake.

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Consumer Champion’s Which? revealed that they haven’t found a single 32 inches TV that has been worthy of a Best Buy since 2014. They’ve tested 81 32 inch TVs in the last six years, but none of them has been up to scratch. Our own Ideal Home best TV’s guide doesn’t include a model that is available in 32 inches.

A large reason for this is the best quality TV’s simply aren’t made in the small sizes. Features such as 4K, the next step up from HD, aren’t available in a 32 inch TV because you won’t be able to see the extra detail.

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Splashing your cash on a TV smaller than 32 inches could simply be a waste of money. Instead, you could purchase something a little bigger that offers a more comfortable viewing experience.

Which? revealed that the optimum viewing distance for a 32 inch TV is 7 feet. That is about the length of a bed, so unless you want a TV coming out the foot of the bed, it probably isn’t going to cut it.

In an average living room, you will usually be 15 feet away from a TV. That makes 55 inches the optimal size for the best viewing experience.

32 inch TV 2

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‘Our advice to shoppers is to choose a larger TV that they can comfortably view, where possible,’ Natalie Hitchins, Which? head of home products told The Mirror. ‘For small or occasional spaces, streaming content on a laptop or tablet may just offer a better experience than a small TV.’

However, at the end of the day, it is all down to personal preference. I currently have an affordable Bush 32 inch TV in my living room. It doesn’t offer a cinematic experience but is perfect for catching up on The Great British Bake Off.

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Still, if you are hoping to catch Paul Hollywoods ice blue eyes in all their glory. Best to steer clear of the 32 inch TVs.

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