Make your music sound amazing by streaming with Deezer

Make your music sound amazing by streaming with Deezer

There are lots of streaming services, but Deezer HiFi has the edge. That’s because Deezer’s superior music experience will do justice to your high-end audio system or headphones.

Its crystal clear, hi-fidelity sound is exactly what your Sonos, Bang & Olufsen, smart TV or even Xbox One was designed for. 

What is Deezer HiFi?

Hear music the way it’s meant to be heard

The Deezer HiFi service offers millions of ‘FLAC’ tracks from all music genres for you to stream through all your devices. FLAC stands for ‘Free Lossless Audio Codec’. It’s an MP3, but not as you know it! Did you notice the difference in quality when you switched from CDs to digital music? Well, FLAC puts the depth and richness back.

It’s so easy to use, Deezer is proud of its ‘Just Press Play’ simplicity. One tap is all it takes to get the music flowing. The exclusive Flow function gives you a nonstop stream of tracks, mixing tunes you already know and love with new ones it thinks you’ll want to discover. It constantly learns from what you listen to most – and what tracks you skip. Listen online or offline, with no ads interrupting.

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How else does Deezer HiFi make listening a pleasure?

As well as the essential stuff, Deezer also has some handy features you’ll come to rely on. For example, SongCatcher can identify any song playing near you. Perfect for those ‘name that tune’ moments when your memory fails you, or you hear a new tune and love it. 

The Lyrics function shows you the words of the song playing and enables you to share them via Instagram Stories or Snapchat. Dark mode makes it easier to use at night, or when your tired eyes need a break. And serious music fans will love Deezer’s newly launched HiFi Room, where they can access exclusive content.

Sign up to Deezer HiFi

Deezer HiFi gives you unlimited streaming with your first month free, then £14.99 per month. Find out more or subscribe at


If it’s not for you after all, you can cancel anytime, but we think once you’ve heard your top tracks in all their glory, there’ll be no going back…

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