Narrow Hallway Ideas –  14 ways to make the most of an entranceway lacking in space

Narrow Hallway Ideas – 14 ways to make the most of an entranceway lacking in space

Narrow, restrictive hallways are a common problem for a lot of homes but with clever narrow hallway ideas the limited space becomes practical more than problematic.

Thoughtful styling tips, clever paint tricks and smart storage solutions can make more of a limited entranceway – tapping into its potential to be so much more.

Narrow hallway ideas to improve small spaces

‘We all live busy lives, so adding clever storage to your hallway makes it easier for everyone to make that stress-free dash out of the house,’ says Clotilde Passalacqua, Interior Design Manager at IKEA UK and Ireland. ‘As well as creating an inviting entrance to come home to’.

‘When space is tight, you need to get creative with areas of the hallway you might not usually think about’ advises Simon Glanville, managing director of A Place for Everything. He suggests smart hallway storage ideas below, all fine examples of improving a limited hallway space.

1. Hang a mirror to open up the space

Image credit: Future/ Lizzie Orme

Hanging a large mirror is a purely aesthetic solution to make more of a narrow hallway. Reflecting back light to open up the space and also faking a sense of depth by extending the wall by mirroring the view. A mirror is also a very handy addition in any hallway space, to ensure you can carry out a last hair and teeth check before you dash out the door!

2. Elevate the ceiling height with clever painting

grey hallway with wood panelling

Image credit: Rachael Smith

Try a clever paint trick to make a narrow hallway feel more characterful by should choosing a colour you love and paint along the length of the hallway but only to your waist level.

The theory behind painting to waist height in a narrow space is to break up a solid corridor of wall, creating a Trompe-l’œil style optical illusion of interest that can give a different perspective. This smart use of colour frames the space, giving it extra depth and interest.

3. Keep clutter at bay

hallway with black coat and shoe storage unit

Image credit: IKEA

‘ Two-in-one furniture, like the a bench with shoe storage really comes in handy when you want to optimise a small hallway,’ suggests Clotilde Passalacqua, Interior Design Manager at IKEA UK and Ireland.

‘Whilst wall-mounted hooks will help you take advantage of the full height of your ceiling. The PINNIG rack (above) with hooks means you can easily make good use of awkward spaces, like the wall surface over your radiator – and a bonus: your wet clothes dry faster!’

Buy now: Pinnig Coat Rack, £75, IKEA

4. Make the space feel bright painted all-white

hallway with green patterned door curtain

Image credit: Lizzie Orme

Paint a narrow hallway in an all-white  colour palette to offer a blank canvas, reflecting any natural light that is permitted through windows and front doors.

Choose the best white paint to suit the light quality, is it south-facing and bathed in natural light or north-facing and cold. The right undertones of white will enhance the warmth, in turn making the space feel brighter and airy.

5. Adopt an immersive colour scheme

hallway painted in Farrow & Ball

Image credit: Farrow & Ball

If you’re not looking to decorate with white the best way to overcome a problem narrow hallway is to make it feel like a wider room layout. Incorporate the colour scheme from the downstairs rooms that lead off the hallway to create a continuity to the flow – in essence prevent the space from feel small in comparison to the linking spaces.

A dark wall colour is a create way to create a cocooning ambient feel for a welcoming entranceway.

6. Add a decorative rug to dress the floor

Hallway runner rug on grey tiled flooring

Image credit: IKEA

Don’t feel like the decor has to be limited, just because the space is. A long thin runner can actually help to make the space feel better dressed, making it seem more considered. This in turn helps to make the narrow corridor-like space feel more generous, because you’re highlighting the space rather than glazing over it.

A decorative runner or rug helps to lift the decor and give the space more of a homely vibe, essential for a welcoming entrance to any home.

7. Welcome personality with a gallery wall

white and grey Narrow hallway with pictures at eye level

Image credit: Future PLC/ Colin Poole

Elevating the ceiling height, through clever tricks of the eye, is a brilliant way to make a narrow hallway space feel more generous. Hanging pictures at eye level all the way along one wall helps to keep the eye-line focused up, in affect drawing the floor away from the ceiling.

Use this idea along the full length of the narrow corridor space to elongate the wall. Make the artwork of choice treasured family photos to make the space feel more welcoming and cosy, rather than restrictive and soulless.

8. Stack vertical storage

Pale blue vertical storage unit in white narrow hallway

Image credit: Future/ Lizzie Orme

In small and narrow spaces the key to successful storage is to capitalise on vertical wall space. If you really want to maximise your hallway, a tailor-made unit with built-in shelves and drawers will fill the available space intelligently, and look great too.

Like this slim but multifunctional storage unit that scales the wall from floor to ceiling, to ensure the storage doesn’t impact on valuable floorspace. Having such plentiful storage also in turns helps to open up a narrow hallway space, alleviating the are from being overrun with shoes strewn on the floor and stray bits and bobs left with nowhere to go.

9. Illuminate a central point of focus

hallway with black and white striped wallpaper black flooring and black pendant lights

Image credit: IKEA

If you have a long narrow hallway, use hallway lighting ideas well to elongated the space. Centrally placed overhead lights, such as these pendant lights used by IKEA,  will cast pools of light one after the other to  naturally invite guests into the rest of the home.

A central strip of light helps to create a central focus of illumination that highlights and celebrates the narrow space, rather than making it feel limited.

10. Hide an unattractive radiator

narrow grey hallway with radiator cover and mirror

Image credit: Future PLC/ Lizzie Orme

Don’t let an unsightly radiator becomes the main focus of a small narrow hallway. An elegant radiator cover hides a multitude of sins and helps to add a polished finish to a space that could easily be overlooked in the style stakes. Plus it provides a handy shelf ledge to keep keys and display photos and flowers – adding a more homely touch to the decor.

11. Aim high for shelving

Grey hallway with high shelves and colourful accessories

Image credit: Future/ Lizzie Orme

Placing floating shelves and wall-mounted storage units high will naturally free up the space below, to make it feel more open. A high shelf rack is a useful spot for coats and scarves and ensures precious floor space is kept clear.

‘Wall or overhead storage solutions – whether that’s floating bookshelves or wall mounted coat racks – will help make your space go further’ agrees Simon.

12. Welcome a slim console table


Image credit: Future / Jo Henderson

Console tables are a great place to allow family belongings to accumulate, with drawers to hide away all those delivery menus and loose change. Opt for a slim design, especially in narrow, corridor-style space to preserve a sense of spaciousness. Wicker baskets placed at the side or underneath are a useful place for hiding away other knick-knacks.

13.  Make storage multipurpose

white hallway with mirror wall cabinet

Image credit: A Place For Everything

Add a mirror and handy storage at the same time, win win. ‘Multifunctional storage is also a clever way to store items without sacrificing the decor of the room’ says  Simon Glanville, managing director of A Place for Everything.

‘A mirror can add a lovely touch to a narrow hallway and can double up as a box for shoes or bags.

Buy now: Hallway Storage Mirror, £85, A Place For Everything

14. Go slimline with furniture choices

Shoe storage in hallway to declutter

Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

Avoid overcrowding a narrow hallway with bulky furniture pieces that feel uncomfortably big within the tight space. ‘Another space-saver is slimline furniture’ Simon agrees. ‘Storage that is chic but also space saving will help you utilise the space in your hall without getting in the way.’ A concealed shoe rack is perfect, space-saving but providing practical storage.

How can I improve my narrow hallway?

The easiest way to improve a narrow hallway is to clear the clutter – remove surplus shoes, coats and outerwear that can comfortable live elsewhere. Space is precious in a narrow hallway, meaning smart storage is essential.

Look for savvy storage solutions that are slimline to avoid taking up valuable spaces. Also look for multipurpose storage solutions that worker harder to make the space more practical.

What colour should I paint my narrow hallway?

A failsafe colour to paint a narrow hallway will always be white. This light neutral creates a sense of space by bouncing light around the small space. Lighter wall colours reflect more light, a great quality when in small or light deprived spaces such as hallways.

Having said that if the space already feels small and enclosed it can sometimes benefit from a dark colour. On all walls and woodwork bold colour cocoons the space – leaning into the fact it’s small and cosy like. A brooding dark charcoal grey or even navy can actually be very sophisticated and create a stylish entrance.

The key to decorating with dark colours is to be sure everything matches. Ensure storage units are in the same colour palette to prevent them leaping out and jarring – overwhelming the limited space.

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