Noah's Box review: this moving-in kit will be a lifesaver for students

Noah's Box review: this moving-in kit will be a lifesaver for students

I still remember my off-to-uni shopping trip like it’s yesterday. The shopping trolley loaded up with the cheapest plates, pans, and bedding that IKEA had to offer, and of course, my poor mum’s pained face when we got to the checkout. Noah’s Box is designed to make those painful shopping trips a thing of the past with an all-in-one budget-friendly box full of all those moving-in essentials. In this Noah’s Box review I put the starter pack to the test to see if it’s worth the investment.

Noah’s Box review

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Most students’ moving-in shopping lists will feature the same essentials: towel, sheets, duvet, pillow, dishcloths, plates, mugs, cutlery, saucepans, chopping boards, and (a lot) more. That varies for different students though, because students from different backgrounds may prefer different kitchen essentials, and while some will need to bring laundry hampers and bathroom essentials, not everyone will have an en-suite or a laundry room to lug their washing down to.

Noah’s Box takes this into account with three main box categories: the Student Kit, International, and All-In-One. You can also make your own custom kit if you have more specific needs or won’t need everything in the box.


You can get your Noah’s Box sent to your halls (which is great for international students or those who are driving themselves) where it arrives in one big box. I noted that the delivery was carbon-neutral, and the packing materials were as plastic-free as possible. Noah’s Box also plants one tree for every box they deliver, and if you share a picture of your box on Instagram, they’ll plant another.

The box was very heavy, so you may need to get some help getting it into your flat. Mine came a little damaged, but everything inside the box was fine.

Noah’s Box sent me the Student Starter Kit. It starts at £179 (which let me say, is a whole lot cheaper than the wince-inducing freshers’ shop I did with my mum in IKEA) and has three categories of items:

1. Bedding

There was a double duvet and two pillows included in my Noah’s Box. You can ask for a single duvet too, which comes with one pillow (and costs less). You can select your own bedding from 9 standard polycotton styles, or 10 premium 100% cotton options. There is a good range of gender-neutral options, but you may find yourself wanting for a more specific style if you take your dorm room decor very seriously.

2. Kitchen

Kitchen essentials are some of the most irritating things to buy when moving to uni. I remember buying an entire 24-piece box of cutlery, despite only needing a maximum of two sets, because I couldn’t find a good option for a student.

I could list everything that came for the kitchen, but it’s easier to just attach a photo. I went for the Premium Induction kit which costs a little extra but will allow you to cook on induction cooktops. While I would recommend the best saucepan sets for those who want an investment, these saucepans (and the frying pan) were very high quality and I was genuinely impressed with the non-stick which felt durable and sturdy.

The best chef’s knives are designed to last, but they can also be pretty pricey. The knife set I received had a total of five knives, with even a carving knife which was rather fancy.

Not everything had the fancy feel though. The colander came a little banged up although still perfectly usable, and the tea towels and Tupperware felt very cheap. The plates and bowls are also a little generic, and if you’re worried about getting mixed up with your flatmates, I would recommend choosing something more distinctive.

3. Bathroom essentials

Ie, a towel and flannel! This is the smallest section, but one of the most essential. If you have a spare towel or flannel going at home you could always bring this instead, but it’s nice to have a fresh towel when you move into your digs.

Who is Noah’s Box good for?

The Noah’s Box Student Starter Kit is great for those heading off to uni, but I think it’s especially good for international students or those who aren’t driving up to uni. You can have it sent straight to your halls and save yourself a lot of time and effort by opting for a complete kit, and there are great add-ons for those who might want a wok, rice cooker, coffee machine, or blender.

Aside from students though, I would also recommend this box for those who are moving out from home and need to buy everything for a new flat, all at once. Thanks to a partnership with Eve sleep, you can even pick up one of the best pillows or a mattress protector to go with your moving kit.

Is Noah’s Box worth the money?

I think so, especially because you’re saving yourself a lot of time and effort shopping around for the lowest price. Everything that came in my box ended up being worth £245. This is because of the double duvet and pillow set, the premium bedding, and the induction cookware set. These are all more expensive add-ons that stack up at checkout. But, instead of those little upgrades you make when walking around the department store but only see add up when you’re already checking out, the Noah’s Box site shows everything stacking up and allows you to go back and change your add-ons in real time. You can also go to the price comparison section of the website, where you’ll see that it does add up. I don’t think I could’ve found everything in my box for under £245 on my own – at least, not without a fair few hours of ordering from different sites, which means different delivery fees and a huge pile of cardboard boxes.

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