Ocean OC2 outdoor seating by Jøergen and Nanna Ditzel for Mater

Ocean OC2 outdoor seating by Jøergen and Nanna Ditzel for Mater

Dezeen Showroom: Danish furniture brand Mater has reimagined its Ocean outdoor seating range in a recycled plastic made from old beer kegs.

The Ocean range was initially created by Danish modern design couple Nanna and Jørgen Ditzel in 1955 and formed from slats of timber veneer.

In 2019, Mater reissued the pieces in recycled ocean plastic and fishing nets. And now, the timeless collection has once again been revamped in collaboration with Carlsberg using beer kegs that would otherwise have been discarded by the brewer.

Mater outdoor seating on a patio
Ocean OC2 chairs are made out of recycled Carlsberg beer kegs

“We are constantly looking for similar collaborations where we can use upcycled plastic or other waste streams and send it back as furniture and lighting,” said Mater founder Henrik Marstrand.

Each of the resulting Ocean OC2 chairs generates less than half the CO2 emissions as a similar design made from virgin plastic, according to lifecycle assessment company Målbar.

Ocean OC2 outdoor seating in dark green with benches, chairs and tables
The chairs come in three colours including dark green

The Ocean OC2 collection was created as part of Carlsberg’s sustainability programme Together Towards Zero, which has seen the Danish brewer commit to cutting down on plastic waste in its breweries and eliminating all carbon emissions by 2030.

The chairs and matching benches are available in three colour options – green, black or sand. They are designed for disassembly so each component can once again be recycled.

Product: Ocean OC2 seating
Brand: Mater
Designers: Joergen and Nanna Ditzel
Contact: [email protected]

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