Pigreco chair by Tobia Scarpa for Tacchini

Pigreco chair by Tobia Scarpa for Tacchini

Dezeen Showroom: Italian brand Tacchini has reissued the Pigreco chair by architect Tobia Scarpa, characterised by its “elegance of ratio” created through the combination of geometries and intersecting lines.

Tacchini collaborated with the Italian architect to create an updated version of the Pigreco chair, which was originally designed as Scarpa’s graduation project in 1959.

Two Pigreco chairs by Tobia Scarpa with upholstered seats
Italian architect Tobia Scarpa updated his 1959 Pigreco chair to better suit contemporary interiors

Designed to “represent the concept of dynamism”, the new edition of Pigreco, which includes new finishes and materials, stays true to its original form:

“Now I look at it and think, in the field of chairs, what else is left to be invented? This one is more than enough,” explained Scarpa.

“After so many years, I look at it and […] to me, personally, nothing has changed.”

Close up of Pigreco chair's back sister legs and triangular base
The chair is characterised by two back sister legs that offer structural support and stability

The chair is composed of an enveloping backrest that seamlessly leads into four wooden legs and a curved seat that sits atop a triangular base.

Pigreco offers an alternative to archetypical wooden chairs in that the two back legs, which were conceived by Scarpa as “sister legs”, stand close together, separated by a narrow gap but still connected via a simple wooden joint to offer structural strength.

Walnut Pigreco chair by Tobia Scarpa with a black upholstered seat
The reissued chair now comes in a Canaletto walnut or ash wood finish with optional leather and fabric upholstery for the seat

Its holistic design conveys a sense of space and means that the components are intended to be part of the structure itself, as opposed to just supporting elements.

The new edition includes a Canaletto walnut finish as well as an ash wood finish that comes in shades of walnut or dark grey. The chair is also available with cushions upholstered in leather or fabric.

Product: Pigreco
Designer: Tobia Scarpa
Brand: Tacchini
Contact: [email protected]

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