Prostoria holds Revisiting Factory exhibition in response to cancelled furniture fairs

Prostoria holds Revisiting Factory exhibition in response to cancelled furniture fairs

Dezeen promotion: furniture brand Prostoria held an exhibition in its Croatian factory as a “way to communicate during a pandemic”.

The Revisiting Factory exhibition was a continuation of the brand’s Revisiting Analogue project, launched in 2020, which combined design, architecture film into an event for the local architectural community.

For Revisiting Analogue, Prostoria built a house-like pavilion with “transparent walls” in a forest in Sv. Kriz Zacretje. But its latest exhibition took place in a structure inside its factory drying room.

Prostoria’s drying room is usually used to store the brand’s timber until it reaches a mature stage and can be processed into furniture.

The architectural ambience is a result of a composition of cyclopean wood blocks that require long-lasting storage to mature for optimal processing into high-quality furniture

In June, the brand temporarily repurposed the space and showcased its furniture products alongside raw materials like timber planks. The exhibition aimed to show how the brand’s factory is “a research laboratory where sustainability is part of the design process,” said Prostoria owner Tomislav Knezovic.

Both projects were created in response to the cancelled international furniture fairs during the pandemic.

“Both exhibitions present a new way of communicating brand experience that Prostoria created as a response to the impossibility of presenting new products at international fairs, which have been cancelled for a year and a half due to the Covid-19 pandemic,” said the brand.

The project was developed in collaboration with Numen/ForUse and Simon Morasi Pipercic

The projects also celebrate Prostoria winning three German branding awards in 2021, including the German Brand Institute’s German Brand Award Winner 2021 in the Excellent Brands, Interior and Living category.

Specifically, Prostoria won the awards due to “excellent brand management to companies pioneering in their market niches and are active on the international market”.

In addition, Revisiting Analogue won awards for storytelling and content marketing in the Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation categories.

The timber structure has a warm interior, its hallways and outdoor terraces aim to appear like “environments such as home, office or a large club”

Both projects were developed in collaboration with Croatian-Austrian design collective Numen/ForUse studio and industrial designer Simon Morasi Pipercic.

To learn more about the exhibition and Prostoria’s products, visit its website.

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