Sage The Bakery Boss Stand Mixer Review

Sage The Bakery Boss Stand Mixer Review

If you’re a baking connoisseur or simply enjoy experimenting with cake treats, you’ll need the best stand mixer. And if you’re after convenience and professional results, the Sage The Bakery Boss is the ideal choice. Not only does it boast a whopping 1,200w power, but it also comes with some clever features and accessories to help cut your prep time in half. It also promises patisserie results which are a home baker’s dream.

Sage is a reliable brand, known for its high-end, innovative appliances, and this mixer certainly looks the part. But while it has all the fancy mod-cons, can it whip up a storm for all your tasty cakes and bakes?  I put it to the test to find out…

Ideal Home’s rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Reasons to buy

  • Sleek design 
  • Two mixing bowls (one glass, one stainless steel)
  • 12 intuitive speeds
  • LCD timer and mixing task indicator 
  • Handy LED light on head above bowl 

Reasons to avoid

  • Glass bowl can be quite heavy to lift and not dishwasher safe
  • Pricey

Sage The Bakery Boss Stand Mixer

Sage The Bakery Boss mixer is an excellent, high-end mixer that makes baking easy with its handy adjustable settings. What’s more, it gives professional results and at a powerful 1200w, can whip up mixtures and knead dough to perfection. 

Sage The Bakery Boss Kitchen Mixer product specs:

  • Size: 38.1 x 27.9 x 38.1 cm
  • Bowl capacity: 4.7l glass bowl and 3.8l stainless steel 
  • Speeds: 12 adjustable speeds
  • Colours available: One
  • Cleaning: Only some parts are dishwasher safe

What’s in the box?

Sage The Bakery Boss Stand Mixer

Although the box looks modest in size, the brushed aluminium mixer comes with a plethora of accessories. Inside the mixer stand is a 3.8l stainless steel bowl and a large 4.7l Borosilicate glass bowl. Accessories include a wire whisk, scraper beater, flat beater, dough hook, splash guard, pouring shield and spatula. All of which are sturdy and of durable quality.

Design-wise, it’s light to carry, and has an ergonomic handle at the front to help move it around. If you don’t have much space, this is an ideal size for any worktop. Best of all, it looks sleek and high-end in brushed aluminium, and makes a stylish addition to your kitchen. 

What is the Sage The Bakery Boss Stand Mixer like to use?

Sage The Bakery Boss Stand Mixer

Notable things about this mixer are how easy and fuss-free it is to use. Simply push the tilt-release button at the top to change over your array of attachments. Having two bowls makes it quicker if you have more than one mixture on the go or for prepping frosting. Another handy thing is the glass bowl has cup measurements on it, so you won’t have to faff around with the scales!

A pet gripe is knowing which setting would be ideal for my mixtures and getting timings right. In which case, it’s a matter of trial and error, that can either go very well or disastrous! However, Sage The Bakery Boss is equipped with an adjustable mixing speed indicator and LCD timer (my favourite!). Simply set the timer, turn the dial and choose from the following: Folding Kneading, Light Mixing, Creaming Beating and Aerating Whipping. There is even a handy Pause setting for when you need to add ingredients without interrupting the timer. This also saves you from standing over the mixer while it finishes.

Sage The Bakery Boss Stand Mixer

Perhaps the main feature of the Sage The Bakery Boss mixer is it uses a Planetary Mixing Action, which gives better bowl coverage, and thoroughly mixes all of your ingredients. This is also what they use in commercial bakeries and patisseries, and it gives mixtures a perfect, fluffy texture.  

I particularly liked the stylish details, such as the blue illumination on the mixer indicator and LED light under the mixer head to see your progress. Best of all, it’s incredibly quiet which is a bonus when rustling up those bakes at all hours!

Sage The Bakery Boss Stand Mixer

Making cake in the Sage The Bakery Boss Stand Mixer

I really enjoyed making cakes and cookies with this mixer. Not only is the mixer straightforward to use (no instructions needed!), but I was also impressed by its mixing ‘action’ and powerful performance. The large glass mixing bowl with ml measurements was handy when pouring my dry ingredients. I usually have to get out the scales to measure and pour out again, so this saved me a lot of time. Best of all, the LCD timer function and light under the mixer head above the bowl were handy when monitoring progress. 

Sage The Bakery Boss Stand Mixer

The flat beater attachment is notably weighty and durable, which is a bonus when mixing the wet ingredients into the mixture more consistently. After about 4 minutes of using the Light Beating setting, I was impressed by the smooth consistency of my cake mixture. Not one lump in sight! The end results were even better, and my sponge cake had a light and fluffy texture in the middle, with a delicious crunchy top.

Sage The Bakery Boss Stand Mixer

In addition, I particularly liked the flat scraper beater for mixing my cookie mixtures. It quickly mixed up all my ingredients into a firm, dough texture in less than 3 minutes. What’s more, the scraper was effective in picking up all the flour left around the sides and leaving next to nothing on the attachment. This also ensures no cookie mixture gets wasted, and more to eat! 

Making bread in the Sage The Bakery Boss Stand Mixer

Compared to my fuss-free cake-mixing, I was a little underwhelmed with the bread-making. Granted, the Folding and Kneading presets were really practical, but I did find they were not as powerful for dough mixing. I found it took far longer to knead my ingredients well, in comparison to other mixers such as the Bosch MUM59340GB Stand Mixer.

Sage The Bakery Boss Stand Mixer

In addition, while it was effective at kneading the centre of the mixture, it didn’t seem to touch the flour at the sides of the bowl. In fact, I had to help it along with the spatula. In any case, the mixer is strong and sturdy at handling heavy dough mixtures. Just remember to use the splatter guard to avoid any flour puffs (and extra cleaning!). With that all said, my white loaf didn’t turn out so bad and was rather tasty. It had a soft texture in the middle with a slight crust. Perfect for brunch!

Cleaning the Sage The Bakery Boss Stand Mixer

Sage The Bakery Boss Stand Mixer

While all removable parts are dishwasher safe, the whisk and the glass bowl are not. So if you have a largish sink, you can quickly wash your bowl in soapy water. It is rather weighty though, so can be heavy to handle. The wire whisk is also a little tricky to get all the bits of mixture out, but it’s not a major issue. The mixer itself is easy to clean and maintain with a wipe down that literally takes seconds.  

Is the Sage The Bakery Boss Stand Mixer worth the money?

Sage The Bakery Boss Stand Mixer

As to be expected with high-end mixers, Sage The Bakery Boss comes in at a premium price. But in comparison to others of similar price, it does offer a lot more. For instance, much thought has gone into the design, and the smart, mixing settings and LCD timer are a bonus. It’s also fully equipped with all the handy accessories you would need to save you from buying any additional items. Not to mention it’s powerful 1200-watts to quickly mix up all your cake mixtures in record time. 

While it doesn’t have the look and feel of the KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer (of the same price), Sage The Bakery Boss is much more user-friendly and a worthwhile investment. 

The verdict: should you buy the Sage The Bakery Boss Stand Mixer?

If you’re after a heavy-duty mixer that requires very little effort, Sage The Bakery Boss makes light work of baking. Designed to be practical, it’s user-friendly with its smart settings indicator and LCD timer functions. Keen bakers will appreciate its 1200w power to quickly whip up those smooth and silky mixtures. Which in my opinion, is far more superior than other mixers I’ve used. Bear in mind, you may need a little patience when making bread mixtures as it does take rather long. However, this isn’t a real deal-breaker if you’re always baking up cake treats. 

Minor downsides are the wire whisk and glass bowl are not dishwasher safe. This is a little disappointing given the weight (and size) of the bowl to hand-wash carefully. However, these can easily be overlooked by the mixer’s sheer convenience, sleek design and handy features. 

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The Sage The Bakery Boss Kitchen Mixer was tested over a weekend, while Cynthia and her family enjoyed sampling tasty cakes and bake treats.

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